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Voice from The Silence
November 2008
Released: 2008, Limb Music/Intromental
Rating: 1.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Here is a band from the Czech Republic that started out in 1994 under the name Ofter. After many member changes the band changed its name to Nemesis and under that name recorded their debut album GODDESS OF REVENGE. In 2005 the band once again decided to undergo a name change to Symphonity. With new singer Olof Hayer (ex- Dionysus, Luca Turilli) the band finally found harmony and could land a deal with Limb Music.

The music is nothing but technical and complex melodic power metal with some symphonic elements. The tempo is fast but there is not any remotely harder or edgy guitar riffs anywhere. Keyboards are taking care of most of the lead parts. VOICE FROM THE SILENCE includes very easy digestible melodic power metal that everyone will like from your girlfriend to your grandmother who normally hates metal and hardrock. The bio compares Symphonity with acts like Sonata Arctica and Stratovarius but nothing could be more wrong. It’s a disgrace even mentioning Symphonity in the same sentence as the other acts.

This album is way too nice and easy going for my taste. There’s actually nothing wrong with the material – if it wasn’t so pale and sissy of course. It feels like the band wants to be hard and dangerous but they simply don’t dare to be any harder than this. It makes me really annoyed when bands don’t have the guts to go all in and take a few chances. Symphonity really have to make up their mind on what they want to play in the future. VOICE FROM THE SILENCE is over produced and too polished to raise an eyebrow. They have totally missed putting any power in the guitars and the overall production lacks metal feeling. Symphonity has a lot of things to work on before they even can think about heading into a studio again. Please get some guts before you start planning any new material.
Track Listing

La Morale Dell´Immorale
Give Me Your Helping Hand
Gates Of Fantasy
Bring Us The Light
Salvation Dance
The Silence - Memories (pt1)
The Silence – In Silence Forsaken (pt2)
The Silence – Relief Reverie (pt3)
Searching You
Evening Star


Olaf Hayer – lead vocals
Ivo Hofmann – keyboards
Libor Krivak – guitar
Tomas Celeckovsky – bass
Martin Skaroupka – drums

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