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Suicidal Winds
Total Death n´ Live
April 2007
Released: 2006, Pulverised Records
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Basically I have nothing against live albums if the production is at a listenable level and you are able to recognize tracks from each other. Slayer´s DECADE OF AGGRESSION is a good example of a well-made live album, just like Priest´s classic UNLEASHED IN THE EAST, or Sab´s LIVE EVIL are such ones. Of course there´s many more, but I just wanted to point out a couple of examples as references.

The Swedish Black-thrashers Suicidal Winds, while being a highly energetic, aggressive, nasty and raw sounding act on their studio releases (think something along the lines of Deströyer 666 and Desaster, but presented a bit more primitive way), unfortunately fails somewhat badly to impress me on TOTAL DEATH N´ LIVE. It is a live recording that contains 13 live songs recorded in two different shows plus a cover version of Kreator´s “Total Death” from the band´s debut album. There´s no overdubbing used or anything to make those live songs stand out better for the listeners but it sounds like the live recordings have been taken straight from the soundboard. They have been left untouched and just pressed the damn recordings on a CD the exact way the live songs were ripped from the soundboard. With a little more effort this live CD would have sounded decent and listenable, but now I´m just listening to a very rushed effort that doesn´t give me any reasons for sincere applauses of excitement. The band does Violent Force´s classic “Sign of Evil” live, but it sounds pretty weak and lifeless mainly due to a bad sound quality. Damn, why should I enjoy hearing only drums and vocals because I know there´s two guitarists in Suicidal Winds, too? Not fair.

Uh, this record must have been directed to the die-hard fans of the band only, I´m afraid.
Track Listing

01. In Death's Domain
02. Wrath of the Slaughter
03. The Mangler
04. Suicidal Death
05. Winds of Death
06. Misanthropic Anger
07. Evil's Eternal Power
08. Morbid Temptation
09. Sign of Evil (Violent Force cover)
10. Demonic Prayer
11. Crush Us with Fire
12. Rapehammer
13. The Road to Hell
14. Total Death (Kreator cover)

Tracks 1 to 12: Recorded live at Festung Open Air 2006, Germany 04-06-2006.

Track 13: Recorded live in Rotterdam, Holland, 22-02-2004.

Track 14: Recorded at Fullmoon Studio, March 2004.


Mathias "Rrooaarr" Johansson - Vocals
Emil Johansson - Guitar
Peter Haglund - Guitar
Fredrik Andersson - Bass
Thomas Hedgren - Drums

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