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November 2006
Released: 2005, Dezerto Music
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Asassinkiller

It is funny how we all complain about today’s mediocrity in the Metal Scene. There are certainly tons and tons of awful bands that should have never ever received a contract. And there are also very few bands that really play above the norm and that bring something interesting to the scene.

At the same time there are the unknown bands. And some of these are fucking awesome and are the ones that should be getting the contracts and promotion from the labels. Such is the case of Brazil’s Subtera, another third world country band, that due to lack support, be it social or economical, are struggling hard to get their Metal out there. Prime rib Metal that is.

In APOCALYPSED you will find all the aggression you are looking for in an extreme Metal band. Vocals are between Burton C. Bell from Fear Factor and old Sepultura with a lower end. Brutal. The speed of the music is mostly fast, really fast. Imagine The Crown kind of drumming, very dynamic and pummeling, with a production that is clear and powerful. Also, throw in some well thought thrash/death/hardcore axe attack and you will get the idea.

One thing that really gained my attention is that all this hate comes from a classic trio: William, guitar and vocals, Patrick, bass and vocals and Waldner Drums.

The music is technical, but the real focus in APOCALYPSED is in composing songs and not just throwing riffs all over the place. They don’t do any solos and focus all their energy in the structure. And the most important thing is that even if the music lacks solos, they really succeed in being able to create extremely heavy fast paced anthems that are catchy and memorable. All songs kill.

Once again Brazil shows what a powerhouse it is in the Metal world. This only leads me to one conclusion. We should all start worrying less about the current mediocre state of the Metal scene and dive into scenes from countries like Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Mexico. We will surely find extremely good gems of Metal, that unfortunately and due to coming from places with less support, are harder to find. Now search for APOCALYPSED, and if you have no luck, contact the band. And if you have no luck, kill someone. Do whatever it takes. They will give you a real dose of Brazilian hatred. Stay Heavy!!!
Track Listing

01 Altars of Pride
02 Deadly Medicine
03 Hand of Extinction
04 Acid Rain
05 Lond Distance Massacre
06 Echo
07 Show of Decadance
08 Apocalypsed
09 Heaven and Earth
10 Social Disease


William - Guitar, Vocals
Patrick - Bass and Vocals
Waldner - Drums

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