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Suicide Watch
Global Warning
December 2005
Released: 2005, Mausoleum Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Asassinkiller

Suicide Watch was formed after ex-members from Stampin´Ground, Burninside and Taliesin decided to recreate the might of 80´s Thrashcore. And the best part of all is that they really achieved it in GLOBAL WARNING.

GLOBAL WARNING is a full out killer Thrashcore assault that will take you to the glorious 80´s Extreme Metal movement. Their mix of D.R.I with Destruction and some early Kreator is devastating, fast, well executed, and most important of all, raw, exquisitely raw.

80´s Thrash bands always expressed through music their points of view on politics, religion and society in general. This rule is no exception to Suicide Watch. The band talks about the grim reality of modern life, where corruption and manipulation are destroying life as we know it. These elements are the real aspects that will eventually lead to the real GLOBAL WARNING.

In GLOBAL WARNING there really are no standout tracks. All the songs simply pummel in this 37-minute musical bomb. It is great to hear that all instruments sound like if they were taken straight out of an 80´s recording. In fact, I am wondering if this CD was not recorded 20 years ago and just released. I guess I will find that out jejeje.

My final word to all Thrashers out there, is that if you love Old School Thrashcore, you will definitely love GLOBAL WARNING. It is an exact replica of a CD that could have been released 20 years ago. It even has artwork done by Ed Repka who worked with Evil Dead, Nuclear Assault and Megadeth. Once again it is mosh time and Suicide Watch are on the stage!!!
Track Listing

1. Flesh & Blood
2. Truth About Lies
3. The Devil Rides Out
4. By The time You Read This 5. I Will Be Dead
6. Despair Another Dawn
7. Global Warning
8. Death in Triplicate
9. Virus Inside Us
10. Mouth of Madness
11. Inexorable
12. Broken Back of Democracy
13. Tomorrow We Rule The World
14. Night Winter Death


Rid - Vocals
Simon - Guitars
Ian - Bass
Ade - Drums

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