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Supra Plazma
Hysteria in Galaktica Satania
May 2008
Released: 2004, Self-released
Rating: 1.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Supra Plaza, consisting of 2 members, comes from Kaliningrad, Russia, and they label their music as ´blackened cosmic thrash metal´. Everyone can go and figure out whatever on earth that description may mean as I´m not into making any deeper and more in-depth analysis out of it by myself.

The band has some of those elements in their sound that makes it sound more spacey by its atmosphere, the same way like a band like Nocturnus wanted to have this spacey sound on their albums with keyboards performing that function (and knowing how to do it right, too).

Supra Plaza, despite some worthy ideas here and there on this recording, pretty much fail to create that needed impact to convince their listeners, with their mish-mash of different music styles (thrash, black, electronic music, rock, etc. - you go naming them). A robotic-like drum machine doesn´t help their situation much either. In fact, I hate drum machines due to their cold and clinical sound, so please don´t use them if you don´t have to. I also find the vocal efforts pretty annoying that are all distorted through some effects and therefore they end up sounding like how these robots talk to each other in the Star Wars episodes.

What I find the biggest problem for Supra Plaza, is that the guys in the band don´t necessarily know what type of musical direction they want to develop Supra Plaza´s style toward - and sound like they are still kind of seeking for the right path for their musical ideas to get them out in some decent way. You cannot be like Salvador Dali if you want to make some modern 3-D art, if you know what I´m trying to say here. The keyword is: Focus on one thing at a time and make your best out of it for a better end result.

HYSTERIA IN GALAKTICA SATANIA is not an overly hideous recording from Supra Plaza by any means, but they do need the time to think their musical concept over a bit more and more carefully though. And please use a real drummer for your next recording next time if possible at all.
Track Listing

01. Introduction (Shamania)
02. Dark Satellite of the Planet Erased
03. Angel of Darkness
04. Black Hole in Galaktica Satania
05. Cosmic Shakhid Destroyer
06. Atmospheric Saturnium Atheists
07. Gate
08. In My Head
09. The Fish
10. Hysteria
11. Coma


Plazmoider - Plasmatring guitar
Fantazmagor - Vibration of tonsils, constellations of words
Electricon - Ionic flows of key vibrations, rhythm-pulsars, work with frequency chaos regulation and vocals.

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