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Sar Isatum
January 2018
Released: Nove, Self Released
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Colorado's Sar Isatum are a completely new band to me, and upon reading the bio I am intrigued but also wary as I often find the "symphonic" black metal genre a tad over done.

However, after just one short listen it's clear to me that this album has what a lot of other symphonic albums don't have which is a harsher sound, that you'd expect from the classic Norse bands.

It has the icy black metal savagery of bands such as Setherial and Dark Funeral fused with a blackened death metal intensity that you'd find from bands like Behemoth and Keep of Kalessin. Topped off with symphonics akin to Limbonic Art and Old Man's Child and some truly searing vocals.

Lots of praise for the 90's scene and there's definitely a nostalic vibe, but all of these elements are incorporated with a crisp and fresh modern sound, thus it doesn't sound particularly dated.

The album is relatively short at 36 minutes but I think due to the intensity and the fact that most tracks follow a fairly similar path, this is a perfect length and serves its purpose well. No particular stand out tracks but if I was to pick one it would be track 4 'Gormandizer' which sits smack bang in the middle of the album and is probably the most intense and dramatic of a very good bunch of songs.

A band to keep an eye on and definitely recommended.
Track Listing

1. Sar Isatum (8:06)
2. Chenoo (3:13)
3. Black Gate (4:52)
4. Gormandizer (5:34)
5. Celestial Diaspora (5:27)
6. Vanaspati (4:04)
7. Halls of Pestilence (4:41)


Demothi - Vocals
JP Dalkhu - Drums
CC - Bass
Guitars for “Shurpu" recorded by H.T McDougall
Keys for “Shurpu” recorded by Memitim

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