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Watching the Unseen
September 2000
Released: 2000, HP Music
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Joe

Another CD that was passed on to me by EvilG, Symmetry are a pseudo-progressive Metal band hailing from the Netherlands who have obviously listened to their fair share of early Queensryche. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of aggression to be found on this CD. No screaming vocals, no rapid fire double-bass, no blistering guitar solos... Not exactly the stuff I normally listen to. After a few listens, I did start to appreciate the music for what it was, but Symmetry are not a band I’ll be listening to on a regular basis.

Watching the Unseen consists of well played music which is good at setting the appropriate atmospheres for the lyrics. But despite the heavy Queensryche influence, songs sometimes just seem to go off on tangents that don’t fit well with the song as a whole. In this regard, they tend to remind me of Germany’s Sore Plexus (*See January 2000 reviews.). Even the singer reminded me of Cassy from Sore Plexus. (Though, unlike Cassy, Erik Masselink can actually carry a tune!) The band members are skilled musicians, as the music obviously reflects, but even that couldn’t maintain my attention. The best songs are "Mission", Burning Bridges", and "Raging Planet". The rest... Uninteresting.

To me, the problem seems like the musical tastes of the individual band members is too varied to create anything cohesive. Symmetry seem to be a talented group, but their influences are a little too eclectic for their own good. You can check them out for yourself at their webpage.

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