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Strings Of Mass Destruction
How Sorrow Sings
April 2011
Released: 2011, Indie
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Calgarian (Alberta, Canada) guitar hero Murray Fradsham has returned with his solo fifth or sixth album.. Murray is pretty talented and prolific. As well as being a graduate of MIT he also has a number of jazz albums under his belt as well. SOMD is his main solo project over the years.

SOMD is a one-band band in every sense of the word where Fradsham does it all from writing, recording, production, and playing all the instruments. He embodies the true underground spirit of making music for music sakes. He has invested very little time or energy into promotion, marketing or managing his career, just preferring to write, record and play music. Consequently there is very little info about this veteran, even Metal-archives doesn’t have him listed.

SOMD started back around in the mid-to late 90’s as more of a straight-ahead thrash/guitar project somewhat reminiscent of Megadeth. Over the years the sound has evolved into a more broad range of metal. Murray’s vocals on HOW SORROW SINGS now have a bit more range and less of the talk-growl style. He also is incorporating more of a traditional/ power sound than a 90’s thrash sound. There are lots of solos but they are not self-indulgent at the expense of the songs. However, he can really play and isn't afraid to embrace soloing! Murray is recognized as one of the better guitarists in town, a shredder but with song-writing skills.

One of the disadvantages of doing everything yourself, especially production, is that without having that critical third ear to make construction comments and criticisms, it is hard to be objective. It’s hard for any artists to sacrifice control and this may be one thing that SOMD suffers from. While the home-studio production is competent a producer could really help bring out the dynamic range in the songs and find a better balance between between the guitars and vocals which are mixed quite far back.

I think that while Murray could easily break his way out of the underground based on talent alone he will need help exposing his music to the metal community at large. For fans of artists on Lion and Shrapnel, HOW SORROW SINGS will not disappoint fans of guitar heroes.
Track Listing

1. How Sorrow sings
2. Forever Dawn
3. Not This Day (Electric Version)
4. Inevitable Change
5. Last Words
6. Torn Is Gone
7. To Thy Own Self
8. I Go In Fear
9. Walk Alone
10. As Night Comes
11. Remain Below
12. Not This Day (Classical Version)


Murray Fradsham- Everything

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