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Sturm und Drang
Rising Son
March 2007
Released: 2007, Helsinki Music Company
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

First off, let´s expand each of our knowledge a bit: "Sturm und Drang (German for "Storm and Stress") was a movement in German literature and music that emphasized the volatile emotional life of the individual. It is most commonly viewed as occurring in the years 1767-85, but sometimes 1769-86 or 1765-95. The name was derived from a play by Friedrich Maximilian von Klinger".

Sometimes a new sensational act pops up like from a middle of nowhere... and when so is meant to happen, it leaves many people´s jaws completely open for a pure amazement.

However, this Sturm und Drang in question - featuring 5 teenager kids from the west coast of Finland, a small city called Vaasa, all between ages of 15-16 - plays a traditional, 80´s old school Hard Rock with such a huge conviction and attitude that one starts to wonder is this Sturm und Drang some sort of hoax put together by some experienced (yet very humorous) Hard Rock musicians who just wanted to put record labels on their knees in front of them, and make them to believe it´s really these 5 teenagers who are truly behind this band, named after that aforementioned German movement, Sturm und Drang.

Well, this is as much a hoax as Michael Jackson himself has tried to assure everyone from us he doesn´t like (or love) kids. Or in fact, he actually hates them and doesn´t want to have anything to do with them at all. Yeah? Right...

As far as Sturm und Drang goes, we are really talking about some classic and nostalgic sounding Hard Rock here ála, let´s say, Gotthard, Scorpions and the likes. The 80´s rock´ish Hard Rock vibe has been stamped all over their sound which makes it even harder to believe how these young fellows are able to produce something like this, and with such a professional and respectable way. The band´s vocalist (and guitarist) André sounds quite a bit like Joey Tempest (Europe) - and he does sound really damn good and is undoubedly ready to kick the world, at the same time being aware of the fact how young he still is. “Rising Son” has become an instant hit song in the Finnish radio, and they are hyped everywhere in Finland right now. Still, I strongly believe this is just the beginning for them...

As for the “Rising Son” video itself, I gotta say right away the video meets easily the international standards visually. These young fellows wear proudly their Judas Priest, C.o.B. and Sonata Arctica shirts on when playing for their, obviously young and fanatical audience in this video - and probably within 15-20 years, we will be able to witness another bunch of young kids in some sensational, up´n´coming band who just might be wearing Sturm und Drang shirts on in their own, debut video thing - who knows...

To sum everything up here from all the things said previously, there´s only one way for these guys, and it´s up toward the successful and rewarding times - just believe me! You really should keep your eye out for them because Sturm und Drang simply reeks of sheer, young talent!
Track Listing

01. Rising Son
02. Rising Son video


André Linman - Vocals, guitar
Alex Ivars - Guitar
Henkka Kurkiala - Bass
Calle Fahllund - Drums
Jeppe Welross - Keyboards

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