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Suicide Culture
Hallowed Be Thy Agony
June 2000
Released: 2000, Independent
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Do you miss Arise-era Sepultura? I do, and, if you’re like me, then you’ll love Suicide Culture! This is the album that Sepultura should have made when Max Kornelera left the band (save the hate mail, his albums with Sep kicked ass, but Soulfly sucks ass!). Suicide Culture delve into the filthy depths and come up with death-metal gold here, combining the best elements of Arise with the crushing power of Immolation and a pinch of Celtic Frost experimentalism. A recipe for 24k death if I ever heard it!

A chant of “Kill you, kill me, sever everything” opens the album as the band wastes no time in kicking into high gear with “Swarming the Flies”. This is a monster of a track that is sure to decapitate limbs in moshpits across North America. Kevin Bedra’s vocals are a deadringer for Max’s glory years, while the music is low-bass-ed and oppressive; and that’s before the band slows down! “God Forbid” continues the onslaught with a slower, more bashing attack, really allowing Bedra’s vocals and guitarwork to take the spotlight, while he screams “When you finally meet your maker, tell him I sent you there!”. Man, if that doesn’t get yer adrenaline pumping, nothing will.

“Make Believe” keeps the pace firmly in the slow-to-midpaced zone, creating a hypnotic atmosphere that you can’t help but headbang to. Although only a 5-song EP, the band find room (lack of originals?) to toss in a cover of the godly “Jewel Throne” by Celtic Frost. This is easily one of the better tracks off of To Mega Therion and the band do a capable job covering it, although a wonder what the hell happened to Bedra’s vocals in this one – shouldn’t have changed ‘em dude! Thankfully, he’s back to normal on closer, “Bury The Hatchet”, driving the knife in to the hilt for the final killing blow. Phew, I’m drained, this album is dense. Contact: or
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