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Success Will Write Apocalypse Across the Sky
The Grand Partition, and The Abrogation of Idolatry
March 2009
Released: 2009, Nuclear Blast
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Stu Occupier

Coming together in late 2006, SWWAATS were formed by former members of Dehumanized and Filth Porn, within a year they had released a demo called "Subhuman Empire", toured with Nile and Chthonic then signed to the mighty Nuclear Blast.

Now the Florida band are ready to unleash their first full album produced by James Murphy (Death, Obituary) on a public that is still being force fed with emo and safe pop punk music, is there anywhere safe they can hide?

From the second you hit play the aggression and the energy starts, not even an opening note is played, it’s just straight into full metal assault.

Musically driven by superb drumming and typical death metal vocals it’s hard to distinguish one track from another, until we hit “Pity The Living, Envy The Dead” because it’s an atmospheric sampler piece which actually hits you harder than the metal and throws you off centre.

From this point on, the album takes on a different tone and suddenly the relentless brutality takes on new structures, “Colossus” is almost doom like and blends straight into “Retrograde And The Anointed”, think Sunn O))) meets Axis Of Perdition via Deicide and Anaal Nathrakh.

The album ends as it begins with more unbounded aural violence. A hidden track contains more sampling.

This is a very impressive album, my initial reaction was “oh no not another death/grind by numbers album” but there was much more to this, real thought has gone into this and I would not only recommend this to any fan of the genre but also to any open minded metalhead as well.

RECOMMENDED TRACKS: All of them from track 5 onwards!
Track Listing

01. 10,000 Sermons, 1 Solution
02. The Realization That Mankind Is Viral In Its Nature
03. Cattle
04. Agenda
05. Pity the Living, Envy the Dead
06. Despot
07. A Path
08. Automated Oration and the Abolition of Silence
09. One Must Imagine Sisyphus Happy
10. Colossus
11. Retrograde and the Anointed
12. Of Worms, Jesus Christ, and Jackson Country Missouri
13. The Tamagotchi Gesture
14. [Hidden Track]


Matt Simpson (Bass)
JR Daniels (Drums)
Aaron Haines (Guitars)
John Collett (Vocals)
Ian Sturgill (Guitars/Vocals)
Jen Muse (Samples/Media)

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