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Symmetric Disorder
B10m3chan1cal N0n5ens3 C0nn3ct10n5 (extracts)
July 2005
Released: 2005, Indy Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Gabriel C. Zolman

Symm37r1c D15s0rd3r ar3 0n3 0f 7h053 band5 7ha7 7h1nk 17 15 cl3v3r 70 5ub5717u73 numb3r5 f0r l3773rs. P3rs0nally, 1 f1nd 17 3x7r3m3ly 1rr17a71ng. D0n’7 y0u 7h1nk 50?

Enough with that. It’s just not clever anymore.

I liked this; I liked it a lot. If this is a debut, I can’t wait to hear where they are going with it. The strongest possible comparison is a Swedish band called Arise. Actually, the whole EP has a bit of a Swedish sheen to it—especially the Dark Tranquillity-styled vocals. The surprise, however, is that this actually comes from Italy—why oh why isn’t this on Scarlet Records, then? This is worth a larger record deal, as I suspect their current label is, in fact, a front for the band itself.

The lyrics to “Bru7al” are a bit childish, from what I could make of them—very typical testosterone-fuelled “Grrr”-Metal stuff, like Pantera might have churned out once. I guess this isn’t a terrible thing; but it isn’t terribly inspired, either.

The production is great. The art direction is fine, if not a bit juvenile—the cover looks like Invader Zim’s basement. Like a lot of indie releases, the songs get better as they go. “Ab5tract10n 0f the 5elf” begins with a sort of mid-90’s styled groove-metal rhythm, before incorporating more common Swedish elements, Death Metal growls, and then—to much amazement—a classy keyboard breakdown, before transitioning back into Death Groove territory.

“Ra1n 0f Dr3ams” has a deliberately misleading mellow intro, before shifting into Gothenburg high gear, ala Gates Of Ishtar. This time out, they throw some distant-sounding melodic vocals into the mix, bringing the similarities to Japan’s underground giants Plastic Earth to somewhat of a fever pitch—differentiated only by the deepness of Michele’s gruff, snarling voice. The closing melodic leads on this track are fantastic, by the way. This is easily the best track on the disc.

All in all, this is an excellent mix of music: you get Melodic Death, Brutal Death, Groove Metal, and more, all in a well-produced, high-gloss package that most bands would kill to achieve after three or four tries, much less the first time out.

Somebody…sign these guys.

Track Listing

1. Bru7al

2. Ab5tract10n 0f The 5elf

3. Ra1n 0f Dr3ams


Danilo - Drums
Fabrizio - Guitar
Migue - Guitar
Michele - Voice
Edo - Bass

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