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Supreme Pain
Nemesis Enforcer
October 2009
Released: 2009, Metal Age Productions
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Supreme Pain from the Netherlands, was started in 2006 by guitarist Erwin Harreman, vocalist Aad Klosterwaad (Sinister, Infinited Hate, etc. – the vocalist for so many other bands too) and drummer Robert Kovacic (from the Slovenian death metallers Scaffold), decided to put their creative juices together in the name of sinister brutality and unyielding heaviness. They got their well-received debut album, CADAVER PLEASURES, out on Comatose Music in 2008, and eventually took a guy named Toep Duin for drums to replace Robi. After some intense song writing, they had got 9 new brutal hymns of death and horror in their hands that were recorded for their follow-up album, NEMESIS ENFORCER, that Metal Age Productions is about to release soon.

NEMESIS ENFORCER is actually a pretty merciless package of somewhat technical death metal with lots of blast-beat mayhem - offered with a good, heavy production. Especially the guitars´ tone is pleasingly crisp and just crushing, the way it should be in the first place. The whole atmosphere on NEMESIS ENFORCER, is rather breath-taking all the time, as the songs truly ride roughshod over its listeners, reminding slightly of such death patrols like Krisiun (whenever reaching these blast-beat speeds) and Behemoth (the galloping riffs). Supreme Pain does a very good job when it comes to playing downright malicious, fast and uncompromisingly hateful death metal. It´s already very secure to say lots of death metal fans will undoubtedly find the album a real pleasure to their ears.

Obviously, as I should believe, NEMESIS ENFORCER is a welcomed continuation for all those people who have heard Supreme Pain´s debut album, too (unfortunately I have to admit I have not heard it… yet, I mean!). Basing my opinion solely on the songs on NEMESIS ENFORCER, which is a very recommended release from these Dutch death troopers all in all - with a really good, straightforward and kinda trick-free death metal approach wrapped up around the songs on it, I think even you (yes, YOU!) need to check this out. It is about as killer an album as you may think it is. Simply give it a fair try now - and be positively surprised how good it truly is.
Track Listing

01. Darkening Age Rise
02. Vengeful Wrath
03. Legacy of Chaos
04. The Unholy Throne
05. Threshold of Immortality
06. To Serve in Slavery
07. Lobotomy of the Soul
08. Goddes of Divine Retribution
09. Nemesis Enforcer


Aad Kloosterwaard - Vocals
Erwin Harreman - Guitar
Bas Brussaard - Guitar
Tadej Cholewa - Bass
Toep Duin - Drums

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