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Code of Conspiracy
July 2009
Released: 2009, Blistering Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Alan Gilkeson

In the vain of Darkane and In Flames, Submission blend Death Metal and Thrash Metal with melodic clean vocals. Obviously looking North for their influences, these Danes mimic Swedish Metal quite well, instantly recognizable are the rapid and changing time signatures and vocal locution.

The two guitarists, Kasper Kirkegard and Christoffer Kjeller Petersen, work quite well together, excellent alternating riffs and well placed solo's and fills, most often done breakneck speed. They founded the band and work well together, probably because of how long they've played with one another. Check out tunes like Deservant’ and ‘The End of Eternity’ to get a feel for the Meshuggah like time signature changes. Vocally the Death Metal parts sound great, clear, concise, in the groove, however the clean vocals performed by the guitar players are done poorly. It's not good singing and monotone.

Overall CODE OF CONSPIRACY is a good record, the problem is that Submission do not have their own sound. They sound like other bands, there's nothing that separates the from the other bands doing the same thing. Maybe with time they'll develop that. Secondly, the songs are kind of nondescript, run into one another, thus it's very hard to follow along with.
Track Listing

1. 111008666700
2. Rebel Of Society
3. Imaginary Freedom
4. A Terror Within
5. In The Eyes Of The Tyranny
6. An Illusion Of The Perfect Forever
7. Determent Infiltration
8. Deservant
9. Celebrate The Dead
10. Code Of Conspiracy
11. The End Of Eternity
12. Raised Above God (bonus track)


Lasse Sivertsen - vocals
Christoffer Kjeller Petersen - guitar
Kasper Vincens Kirkegaard - guitar
Boris Tandrup - bass
Morten Løwe Sørensen - drums

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