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Born A Dying Breed
December 2017
Released: 2017, Attic Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Erich

Strombringer hail from Northamptonshire, England and have embraced the influence of classic metal but with a modernized edge. BORN A DYING BREED is the band’s third album and first with Attic Records. Formed in 2011, the band quickly absorbed a change in vocalists and through live performances have steadily built a reputation for hard hitting and catchy music. BORN A DYING BREED seeks to capitalize on the momentum the band has built.

Credit Stormbringer for delivering a compact and direct album at ten songs and under forty minutes. “Don’t Trust Me” delivers a bruising yet accessible introduction, with Jimi Brown’s nasal vocals carving a distinct and identifiable style. The sound on this album is massive, with the chugs and riffs thumping low and heavy. The title track is another highlight, not as heavy but with a memorable chorus and understated, appropriate guitar solo. “Pay Your Respects” is a bit of Pantera worship, namely in the “Walk”-like opening riff, while Brown sounds like Mike Patton on THE REAL THING.

The album sound simple and uncomplicated, which is a credit to how seamlessly the songs have integrated the many various parts, including harmony guitars, arpeggios and heavy riffs. Most songs are tuned low, which is standard but also cliché. Despite the obvious tropes being employed, Stormbringer keeps things interesting with inspired song craft and some of the better riffs you will hear in this type of modern style of metal. Brown’s vocals are an acquired taste, not at all bad but as I said before quite nasally.

I gotta say I am impressed. I would probably not play this all the time, but when it is on it is a real foot stomper. The fact that it achieves its goals without overplaying or excessive complexity just goes to show that a good song need not be complicated. Fans of Bigfoot and Savage Messiah should check out Stormbringer.
Track Listing

01. Don’t Trust Me
02. Bleed For
03. Pay Your Respects
04. Through These Eyes
05. Let It Begin
06. Stick to Your Guns
07. Dying Breed
08. Smother
09. Consequence
10. Never Again


Jimi Brown – Vocals
Jamie Peters – Guitar
Dom Wallace – Guitar
Darren McCullagh – Bass
Jon Paul Quantrill - Drums

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