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February 2006
Released: 2005, Metal Blade
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Rick

Symphorce is one of the most criminally underrated bands in metal today. Andy B. Franck and company consistently release some of the best metal and never seem to get the recognition that they deserve. They aren’t the easiest band to pigeonhole because of the fact that they play powermetal and, like I have said in previous reviews, the emphasis is on power. Many powermetal fans think they are too aggressive while other metal fans dismiss them as “powermetal”. It’s a shame because the band's last 3 Cds have been some of the finest releases of the last few years.

The disc opens with the short intro “Foresight” which segues straight into the disc’s strongest tracks “Everlasting Life”. Symphorce is defined by the vocals of Franck and one thing the man has learned in his career is that his voice must be used to its fullest extent. Franck can scream with the best of them but its his midrange that shows his power and intensity. On “Nowhere” the band injects a vague Paradise Lost vibe that works very well for them and allows them to bring in piano while still keeping the edge that they bring to all of their songs. I have heard Symphorce accused of sounding too modern. I guess tracks like “Black Water” help to bring on this reputation but these moments are few and far between. The modern edge that they bring to their music fits their sound perfectly. The CD is closed out with the haunting track “Crawling Walls For You”. Again Franck shows his versatility as his subdued vocals on the verses is almost a whisper and conveys the inner pain about which the song is written.

Each new Symphorce CD brings the feeling that this could be the one that speaks to the metal masses. Maybe this could be the one. GODSPEED is as strong as anything that the band has released in their career. As a unit they seem to have found their sound and are continually adding to it in small but noticeable ways. Without a doubt Symphorce continue to release some of the strongest CDs in the genre today and as time passes their diversity will lead them down paths many other bands could only hope to travel.
Track Listing

01. forsight
02. everlasting life
03. no shelter
04. nowhere
05. haunting
06. black water
07. wounds will last within
08. your cold embrace
09. without a trace
10. the mirrored room
11. crawling walls for you


Andy B. Franck - vocals
Cedric Cede Dupont - guitars
Markus Pohl - guitars
Dennis Wohlbold - bass
Sascha Sauer - drums

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