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Within the Realms of Human Awareness
March 2008
Released: 2008, Self-released
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

“Human insanity Death Metal since 2003...” - that´s how this Italian death metal patrol shamelessly advertises themselves through their Myspace site.

Well, whatever that description may bring to one´s mind, this 3-song sample demo that was sent out to media to promote the band´s forthcoming album, WITHIN THE REALMS OF HUMAN AWARENESS, presents technical death metal in its finest and heaviest form. It´s no denying that there´s a strong Deicide-sque influence stamped all over their songs, but especially vocal-wise. Alex Gore, the growler of Symbolyc, could well be a long-lost twin brother of Glen Benton as his use of these more shrieking and demonic voices together with a deeply grunting vocalism, is very similar to Mr. Benton´s style to vomit his guts out in Deicide. The band´s dynamic guitar duo, Sossie and Alessandro, does the shredding very convincingly in the songs, being one hell of a pair of excellent soloists as well. Talking about their solos, there´s in fact a somewhat strong Chuck Schuldiner´s influence sticking out from their solos (check out all the solo work in “Within the Realms...”, and you don´t wonder any more why the guys have actually named the band after one specific Death album), which of course cannot be considered as a bad thing by any means. The overall tempo of these three songs, is kinda breath-taking, but in a positive way breath-taking. Plus, all the intensity that these songs hold inside them, makes you give some extra applause to the band for being able to produce this killer and all-slaying death metal, and eventually make you crave for more.

For the technical death metal fans - from Death to Deicide, this Italian death metal act Symbolyc is a must target to be checked out. I personally cannot wait to lay my hands down on their full-length album, WITHIN THE REALMS… The day when it has been put out and I have a copy of it, I´m sure my dear neighbors next door won´t be that happy or overwhelmed by it... ;o)
Track Listing

01. Within the Realms of Human Awareness
02. Dead Inside
03. Denied


Alex Gore – Vocals
Sossio Aversana – Rhythm guitar
Alessandro Mormile – Lead guitar
Salvatore Silvestre – Bass
Raffaele Pezzella – Drums

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