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Stoner Kings
Brimstone Blues
May 2002
Released: 2001, Independent
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Rick

For the record: even though the band name is "Stoner Kings," they are more than just a sludgy stoner metal band. Their sound is part stoner rock, part glam, with a healthy dose of good old fashioned metal thrown in. The band was formed in 2000 in Finland by Canadian vocalist Starbuck and the lineup is rounded out with Shank and Wolf on guitars, Gonzo on bass and drummer Crush. Colorful names, to say the least. BRIMSTONE BLUES are the bastard son of Guns N Roses crossed with Monster Magnet, with liberal sprinklings of Fu Manchu and Black label Society. This is some rocking music, and with every listen it only got better.

“The Ebb and the Flow” opened the release with a suitably sludgy bottom heavy track that sets the pace for the Kings sound. “Cosmic Dancer” steps up the tempo and employs the most metal of instruments, the shakers. It’s a damn cool song. “Tragedy Man” is one of the highlights of the Cd with its relentless driving and groov--it easily makes the neck ache from the headbanging possibilities. Now this might not be a popular statement but “Limbonic Void” has a definite Metallica Black album feel. At least in the main riff and the actual overall guitar sound. I mean that in the best possible way as I think it’s a great CD. The sound and attitude of the song just seem to be in a similar, yet not in the same, vein. The disc closes with “Postmortem Blues,” a great sludgy track that reminds me a tad of Cathedral though with The Stoner Kings have a more rocking vibe.

The more I listened to this release the more it grew on me. The first spin left me wondering what to do with it. The second warmed me up and by the third I started to really get into some of the tunes. Now that I have had it on for a week straight I get it. Every track has a little something different to offer. At times I hear hints of Monster Magnet, at other times Cathedral and again Junkyard. It's not that I can pick out where they have been ripped off but more where their best parts have become the best parts of The Stoner Kings. When I think of Finland I normally think of Children of Bodom, Nightwish and Stratovarius. It's good to know that other styles of metal are being created and The Stoner Kings are set to release their sludgy metal sound on the masses.
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