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Lest We Forget
February 2011
Released: 2011, Unsigned
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Subversion are an unsigned 6 piece experimental metal band from the South East UK. They were formed in 2008 by two guitarists who decided to put something together that was inspired by a love of metal, and a love of film score.

Subversion are unique, using many influences which crosses between other styles of music. They describe themselves as ‘dynamic’ as they wish to delve into many genres of music and not to restrict themselves in the creative process. They combine this with the many sub-genres of metal in keeping with their love of all things heavy.

‘Lest We Forget’ features 16 tracks interwoven with music & sound design (audio art and SFX for film, animation, Television). The idea of sound design in this album is to create the illusion of a movie which is accompanied with descriptive text and artwork within the booklet of this CD. The band state; "The narrative within 'Lest We Forget' tries to portray a lone soldier’s fears and struggles after being the sole survivor of an attack on his platoon of men". In the track 'In To The City' the Soldier faces various obstacles as he tries to make it back out from behind enemy lines. This all provided Subversion with the freedom to be really creative with sound, culminating in many hours of Foley work, on location recording and voice acting.

Such is the nature of the album and the views the band members have on their own armed forces that Subversion has decided to proceed with collecting donations for the ‘Help For Heroes’ charity from the sale of every single copy of 'Lest We Forget'!

I was really looking forward to reviewing this album after hearing their 'EP' which left a craving for their finished release. I really likedthe concept of this album, telling a story of a soldier who is the sole survivor of his platoon. Each track deals with the trials and tribulations he faces behind enemy lines as he struggles for survival and it really does feel like you're following a movie.

The record opens with ‘The City Is Hell’ in which an ambient intro explodes into fast riffs, face pounding drums and high pitched growls that navigates the first page of this story. The chorus is sung with clean melodic vocals fortifying the immense weight of the song. ‘In to the city’ utilizes recorded sounds of soldiers running, gunfire, helicopters and explosions which portray a chaotic backdrop; that remains consistent in both interlude tracks and within the song structures themselves. These sound effects become layers in which the soldier’s journey becomes more tangible to the listener.

Metal fans will rejoice at the level of sheer technicality in the solos of ‘What We Are Entitled’ and finger tapping guitars in the album’s title track. Subversion also have carefully crafted moments of cinematic grandeur - the keyboard outro of ‘Seizure’ locked together with a solid bass guitar and the orchestral beauty of ‘Te Odio’ - reflecting the breathtaking moments of any great War film. The final track closes with ‘So Many, So Few’ in which a soundscape of victory is felt - one which verifies this as being one of the best debut album’s to be released in a long time.

I strongly recommend checking these guys out!
Track Listing

1. This City Is Hell
2. In To The City
3. Seizure
4. Butchered
5. To Gain Your Gaze
6. In Order To Live (Part 1)
7. Te Odio
8. 25 Days
9. What We Are Entitled
10. Failed Alliance
11. Bypass
12. Untrique Parato
13. Treason (Beyond Forgiveness)
14. Overwhelming Odds
15. Lest We Forget
16. So Many, So Few


Spencer Haynes - Vocals
Chaz Barnes - Keys/Vocals
Kai Giritli - Guitars/Vocals
Sean Moxom - Guitars
Rich Lawry-Johns - Bass
Steve Cross - Drums

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