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November 2003
Released: 2003, Independent
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

From the hardcore swamped streets of Noo Yawk, comes new crushers Supervillain, featuring in their ranks ex-Murphy’s Law skins beater Louie Gasparro, as well as ex-members of bands like Dig, FunkFace, and Lords of Bklyn. This 5-song self-titled demo disc is the band’s first recording, and it’s quite the ride!

Mixing equal parts stoner rock, groove metal, hardcore, and good old fashioned classic heavy metal, the band bashes out their mid-paced power anthems with conviction. With Gasparro behind the kit, you know that the songs are going to surge with forward mass, avalanche-style. While I’m not familiar with the past bands of the other members, they all show that the hard lessons learned from gigging in New York are not lost on them and they all turn in top-notch performances. The true find though is vocalist Morgan Adams, whose passionate pipes take the songs over the top and add a true extra dimension to the music. They’ve got a real find in this guy.

Top songs on here are the 9/11 tribute anthem “Wartorn” and the loping “ballad” (OK, song about love) “One Hundred Lives”. Extra points goes to “Aggrophobic” which I took as a lighthearted stab at the angst-rock crowd (turns out that it’s actually about dealing with the hate and anger that the world can inspire in a person). Ah well, funny or serious, it’s a good song.

My only complaint with the disc is the lack of variety in the songs. Though none of them sound alike, they all travel at the same middle speed, never fluctuating to a slow grind or an all out speed rush. C’mon guys, give us a killer thrasher next time! Hahaha.

Anyway, this is a killer debut effort, definitely showing future promise for these guys.
Track Listing

1) Wartorn
2) One Hundred Lives
3) Paradise Lust
4) Lyin’ Eyes
5) Aggrophobic


Morgan Adams: Vocals
Louie Gasparro: Drums
J. Nicholas: Bass
Tim Grove: Guitars
Mike Mirabella: Guitars

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