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Auld Lang Syne
December 2003
Released: 1998, Last Episode Productions
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Some bands just don’t get the credit that they deserve. Take for example Suidakra. Toiling in the metal underground since 1994, they have yet to achieve the massive success they have undoubtedly earned, though they do have a dedicated cult of followers. Following their DAWN demo, the band self-released their debut CD, LUPINE ESSENCE. It grabbed the attention of Last Episode Productions who signed the band and released this disc, the band’s second full-length album. Suidakra stayed on Last Episode for two albums following this, and have since signed to Century Media Records, culminating in 2003’s SIGNS FOR THE FALLEN.

Back to the album at hand, the formative AULD LANG SYNE. This was the album the signaled Suidakra’s arrival to the world. A stirring mix of melodic death metal and odd Celtic influences, it was a pioneering effort at the time, along with Irish band Cruachan. Though undoubtedly a great album, at times the two musical extremes seemed jammed together without actually blending into a cohesive whole, making for a jarring listen. The band would later perfect their sound on the following LAYS FROM AFAR and THE ARCANUM.

Other than musical styles, this album also features a broad range of vocal styles, from death growls (the most predominant) to clean singing, to female lead vocals. The vocals are used to convey the band’s tales of Celtic mythology. Though I don’t know much on that specific topic, it’s clear that the lyrics of “Tuatha De Danaan” (also the name of a Brazilian power metal band) and “The Fall of Tara” are well thought out.

Though there is a lot going on in Suidakra’s music, the band manages to make the songs catchy. Songs like “Hall of Tales” and “A Menhirs Clay” will stay with you long after the disc has stopped spinning. This album was the beginning of bigger and better things for Suidakra, but still stands tall on its own as a wonderfully intriguing album.
Track Listing

1) Auld Lang Syne
2) Hall of Tales
3) A Menhirs Clay
4) And Another Cist Looms
5) An Dudlachd
6) Tuatha De Danaan
7) Jeremiad
8) The Fall of Tara
9) Enticing Slumber
10) Calm…


Arkadius: Guitars, Piano, Growled Vocals
Marcel S.: Guitars, Clean Vocals
Daniela: Keyboards, Vocals
Christoph: Bass
Moller: Drums



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