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Symphony X
The Odyessy
September 2003
Released: 2002, Inside Out
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: JP

This is an older album and was reviewed a couple of times on this site and to many maybe old news, but as a fan since (almost) Day One, I wanted to throw my two cents in and remind folks what a great album this is.

Brilliant! Every song is a winner. The band took every element of their near perfect brand of progressive, melodic metal and cranked it up a notch resulting in what many consider to be their masterwork to date.

Everything about this release is awesome, production, packaging (design. Layout, colours) it has full lyrics, cool photos and so on. The tone and tempo is exactly what I like heft and fire with class and elegance. A mix that is hard to master but Allen and Romeo have done it again.

Oddly enough the front end of the disc features the heavier stuff and the center-piece, the 24 minute show-stopper of a title track is the mellower of the compositions. The writing suits the mood the Odyssey very well and the epic story of the Greek hero is familiar to be interesting but original enough to be compelling. All the songs lyrically, and sonically tell a tale and all of them speak to me as a fan of fantasy, horror and adventure, instead of lyrics whining about the government or other mundane things.

I think my favorite cut is ‘King Of Terrors’ followed closely by the Disney inspired ‘Incantations of The Apprentice’ I’ll leave it up to you to figure out what classic tales the songs on this album are interpreting. I don’t hand out many perfect scores but Symphony X deserve it.
Track Listing

rno (Unleash The Fire)
2. Wicked
3. Incantation of The Apprentice
4. Accolade II
5. King of Terrors
6. The Turning
7. Awakenings
8. The Odyssey


Russell Allen-Vocals
Michael Romeo-Guitar
Michael Lepond-Bass
Michael Pinella-Keys
Jason Rullo-Drums



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