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Suicidal Angels
Eternal Domination
December 2007
Released: 2007, Old School Metal Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

The old-school thrash comeback rages ever onward, with seemingly every country getting at least one band in on the action. For Greece, that band is Suicidal Angels, who have been working hard and plying their trade since 2001. With two E.P.s to their name, the fittingly named Old School Metal Records label snapped up the band to release this, their debut full-length.

As is fitting for a band from Greece’s black metal-enamoured shores, Suicidal Angels definitely falls on the more blackened and violent side of the thrash spectrum. Indeed, Nick’s harsh caw definitely has more in line with the early Kreator sound than say, the high-pitched wails of many Bay Area groups. Musically, the band is all about the speed, riffs careening one after another into a melting pot of aural pain, driving home the point that this is not thrash for the faint-hearted. Here too, the band has more in common with the Destructions and Kreators of the world – a nice change from the Bay Area fixation that many of today’s thrash revivalists seem to have.

Unfortunately, based on this album, Suicidal Angels do not have the song-writing chops to back up their onslaught. Like many of their past thrash brethren, they don’t seem to have a knack for writing songs that stick with you. As each of the 11 tracks whips past, it’s almost impossible to latch onto any of the riffs and really dig in to the music. The band’s quest for speed has left most of the album unmemorable. It’s too bad too, because when the band does slow down, it usually results in something worth hearing (i.e. the middle section of “Slaughtering Christianity”).

Ultimately, ETERNAL DOMINATION is a technically impressive, but flawed album. The band’s dedication cannot be questioned, but it seems that their song writing skill is not quite up to par yet. Perhaps the next time out will yield more lasting results.
Track Listing

1) Quench Your Thirst With Christian Souls
2) Evil Attack
3) The Prophecy
4) Crematory
5) Slaughtering Christianity
6) Sacred Prayers to Expiation
7) Demon’s Bloodwrath
8) Armies of Hell
9) Screams of Homicide
10) Vomit on the Cross
11) Eternal Darkness


Nick: Vocals, Guitars
Themis: Guitars
Sotiris: Bass
Orfeas: Drums

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