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SuperSonic Brewer
Overthrow the Bastard
December 2014
Released: 2014, : MS Metal Records and Rising Reco
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

SUPERSONIC BREWER are a Brazilian quartet who play a style reminiscient of mid-90's Metal bands that appeared in the wake of PANTERA's success such as PISSING RAZORS and CRIMINAL. If you are not familiar with these, they incorporated elements from what was in mainstream wise (namely, Nu Metal) but added a more Thrash Metal edge to the proceedings. Hence, SUPERSONIC BREWER and their second full length album Overthrow the Bastard could've easily be confused with a record that was recorded back in 1997 and released 17 years later. The production on it actually recalls those bands as well: muddied guitar sound but with a crisp sounding rhythm section. The vocals are shouted but with a melodic edge here and there, as well as some rapping thrown in (again the mid 90's metal elements showing themselves). There's even some Black Metal shrieking on some of the songs.

The most standout tracks on Overthrow The Bastards appear during the mid and final portions of the album. Off the first few tracks, "Broken Line" is a Thrash Metal-inspired song that is very energetic and one of the best of the bunch, featuring nice lead guitar work. "Vatican's Fall" features more aggresive elements than the rest of the tracks, with the vocals taking on a more Black Metal and Death Metal style. "On The Ashes of Insanity" sounds good too, with a riff lifted off BLACK SABBATH's "Supernaut" and an inspired vocal performance. The track " Faithfulness Beyond Forever" is an instrumental in which some Southern Rock influence can be felt in the guitar melodies, making it easily another highlight of the record. While the style has been beaten to death by other bands, SUPERSONIC BREWER manage to still infuse it with a level of inspiration that makes the listening experience better than expected when dealing with this type of band.

Overthrow The Bastards showcases many of the strengths in SUPERSONIC BREWER's sound. Some more Thrash Metal speed would have helped matters a lot, as some of the better songs on this collection, like "Broken Line" and "Vatican's Fall", are aided by the fact that they include more aggressive elements. It would be great to see some of the Funk-inspired sections being dropped in favor of more aggressive moments, since the band sounds more inspired during these.

Titus Isaac
Track Listing

1. Global Domination
2. Terrorstorm
3. Broken Line
4. Hammer Down
5. Dirty Ass
6. End Times
7. Overthrow The Bastard
8. Faithfulness Beyond Forever
9. Vatican's Downfall
10. On The Ashes of Insanity
11. Truth, Faith and Honor


Vinicius Durli - Bass, Vocals
Rodrigo Fiorini - Guitar
Mauricio Menegotto - Guitar
Evandro "Piki" Carlos da Silva - Drums


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