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The New Beginning
April 2002
Released: 2002, Kontratak Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

I love getting albums from places that aren’t typically hotbeds of heavy metal. Case in point is the disc up for review right now, Suspect’s new EP THE NEW BEGINNING. Suspect is a new band out of Turkey, and recorded their album in Istanbul. Pretty cool says I. Being from a fairly isolated country (metal music wise) I was expecting that Suspect would incorporate some musical influences that are native to their country, but surprisingly, they don’t. Kinda disappointing.

What the band does show off on this 6 song (plus one remix) disc is a fairly straightforward low-tuned attack similar to Bay Area bands of the mid-90s. Vocalist Murat Guney has the raspy growl that you’d expect for this type of metal, while the guitars chug and churn like early years Machine Head (but without the heft) or Pissing Razors.

“The Things Which I Don’t Know” gets things off to a rousing start with its cool riffs and Guney screaming in self-depreciation ““You are strong, you are strong, I am weak like you see”). “Pain” seems to be the band’s cornerstone track, appearing twice on the disc, in normal and remixed versions. While the remix version is a throwaway, the regular version is a pretty rockin’ affair with a catchy main riff. It actually sounds like it could fit on a more hard rock oriented album, perhaps like the Haiz Rail discs I reviewed a couple of months back.

Anyway, as you can probably tell, Suspect isn’t really offering anything new on this disc, but it is a quality release. Whatever the case, it’s good to see a band from a country not usually associated with metal taking a bow on the world stage. Give ‘em a listen. Email:
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