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Sun Descends
September 2001
Released: 2001, Self-released
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Old-school Thrash Metal is definitely something that puts fluids moving in my body. It's, however, sad that you can consider yourself lucky enough these days if you're able to find your decent Thrash bands by turning rocks upside down as many bands nowadays that consider themselves as true Thrash Metal bands - and even have guts to call their music "Thrash Metal with a back-to-the-roots -edge", are indeed as far away from its true principles for getting back to the roots of Thrash Metal as the moon is from the sun. You see, a mixture of Thrash riffs spiced with either Death Metal growls or Black Metal's screaming-for-vengeance -vocals shouldn't necessarily serve anyone's views and visions 'bout an old-school ideology for a real essence of Thrash Metal; especially not the '80s -orientated Thrash Metal.

SUN DESCENDS, however, has well realized what it is actually to go back to the very roots of Thrash Metal in the shape of this 3-song demo-CD. In fact, all the three songs ("Third Column", "Tide" and "Dream Flow") they have recorded for this disc, and named it as "Tide in the affairs of Men", have very strong shades of colors of mid '80s Thrash metal bent over the songs - done with a good taste and as an old-fashioned way as one is capable of bringing it out in Thrash Metal in its very meaning!!

The sun descenders sincerely, John Monsees on guitar, Czar on drums and M.S. on vocals and bass have all their own past histories in some Thrash Metal bands - or at least they have all well acquainted with a good dose of the deepest flavors of screaming-for-the-jolly-good-ol'-times Thrash attacks that are both nostalgic and uplifting for many of us who have always sworn in the name of bands like Exodus, Death Angel, Darkness(Ger), Exumer and the likes that offered some of the best Thrash Metal in the '80s. What is obvious, they don't break any boundaries with their own Thrash assault, but to HELL with it! That's maybe not these fellows main intention is in the first place either. By sticking with the old, still blazing guns seems to work out just perfectly for Sun Descends and I'm sure many Thrash -fans will dig them just for those reasons.

It will be released both as a 10" E.P. and a as CD-format by High Vaultage Records and will also be available from Sun Descends┬┤ own website The CD-edition will be limited to 1000 numbered copies - and the 10" vinyl will be no more than 666 copies world wide, so you need to hurry up if you are going to get them. Especially that 10" vinyl version for it will be hard-to-get item soon!! Ask more details at:


High Vaultage Records

Henri-Arnaud-Str. 9

64546 Mvrfelden-Walldorf

Track Listing

01. Third Column
02. Tide
03. Dream Flow


Mem von Stein - Vocals & bass
John Monsees - Guitars
Czar - Drums

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