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An Eye For An I
July 2016
Released: 2014, Indie
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

On paper this band is automatically awesome. German. Power Metal. The word ‘Storm’ in the band name. It’s a winning combination for any fan of real Metal so naturally I was immediately attracted to this new album.

Stormhunter was formed in Germany in 2001 and after a massive number of line-up changes, original guitarist Stefan Muller walks away with the name and now they have just released their third full-length studio album called AN EYE FOR AN I. This album actually came out in 2014 but was reissued in the spring of 2016 when the band came to my attention for the first time.

AN EYE FOR AN I is a quintessential example of prime Power Metal done in the Germanic way. At risk of selling them short I could lump them in with any number of other kick-ass bands; Stormwarrior, Stormhammer, Stormwitch, and especially Running Wild. The songs are shorts and punchy. and catchy with great choruses. The vocals are gruff, battle-tested and ready. The drums gallop along as we get tales of battle and more.

As I type this review, in hindsight, my review is pretty non-descriptive and perhaps some cynics and critics might say that means a lack of originality. However, I feel this band is as good as any standard-bearing Power Metal act, there are dozens of them any at any given time this could be your new favourite band.

AN EYE FOR AN I has good songs, solid performances, exciting guitar solos, speed, fire and energy that all combine to make a decent album. I will concede that this might appeal more to die-hard True Metal warriors who worship (as I do) at the alter of steel, but that does not make it any less worthy. If you like your Metal pure and untainted by modern conventions, symphonies, orchestras, female singers, keyboards, politics, and so on, then you are going to love Stormhunter!
Track Listing

1. A Thousandth Part
2. Among the Blind
3. Cathodic Messiah
4. Victimized
5. Tortured Mind
6. Prelude to Madness
7. Hell (Is What You Make of It)
8. Of Knights and Men
9. An Eye for an I
10. Parasite
11. Running Down
12. Springs Is in the Air


Frank Urschier Vocals
Burkhard Ulrich Bass, Guitar
Stefan Müller Guitar
Fritz Bass
Andreas Kiechle Drums



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