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South Of Hell
March 2005
Released: 2005, Autopsy Kitchen Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Arto Lehtinen

I have never been heard of this outfit ever before. When Superchrist was introduced to me for the first time their style was described as the old British heavy metal style like, for example Tank. But when I got the CD and put into the player I was utterly suprised. The trio delivers a damn refreshing, straight forward and direct to the face hard rock stuff, which could fairly compared to the invasion of North European rock bands ala TurboNegro, HellaCopters and Glucifier. Superchrist relies on a simple approach, some rough groovy stuff with a more or less dirt pure rock album production which makes the listening experience even more pleasant. But the band’s own material is strong as hell, so having a couple of cover tunes is a little bit of an odd choice indeed. The opening of Maiden’s Running Free could have been easily dropped as in my opinion it doesn’t match the other material on the disc, but instead Motorhead’s Metropolis without any doubts fits to the concept. But I am for one more willing to dig the band’s own material for example “Don’t Ride With SuperChrist” or “Hurry Up And Bleed” and several rocking tunes have a lot of catchy riffs still banging in the listener’s head after the pleasure of the listening experience of SOUTH OF HELL. I can just image how Superchrist with these songs rock like an elk in the sweaty club atmosphere where a whole bunch of drunk men having their fists in the air and the glass of beer in other hand have gathered to the frontline of the stage to have a ride with Superchrist, yes It is for real men indeed. Even Lemmy Kilmester has fallen in love with Superchrist’s reliable straight forward played rock and their rock attitude.

However if Superchrist came out of any of the North European countries they would have definitely been signed by some huge international record label, the trio would would have been ranked in the same category along with TurboNergo, Hellacopters, Flaming SideBurns and would be touring all around the globe. At the moment Superchrist keeps going on conquering the soil of The States. The band definitely deserves more attention. Leave the dust behind, get to Europe.
Track Listing

01. Running Free
02. Hurry Up And Bleed
03. None For You
04. She’d Look Better (with a black eye)
05. Aim Low
06. Strangers In The Night
07. Brown Eye Sees All
08. Drink Or Drown
09. Metropolis
10. Don’t Ride with Superchrist


Chris Black - vocals, bass guitars
Hank Bitchlover - all guitars
Whorepuncher - drums

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by Arto Lehtinen

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