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January 2000
Released: 1999, I-And-I Records
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Hailing from San Jose, California is a band that describe themselves as "heavy, aggro, tribal groove." Just what that is, I have no idea. I can tell you that fans of "Kornfly" and other "new" metalcore bands might appreciate this a hellofa lot more than me or any other fan or true metal. The CD does however get off to an excellent start with the track "Riot Police." The drumming and riffing is quite intricate and I can clearly hear the tribal influence with the drumming. However, as soon as the vocals come in they lose me completely. I can describe the vocals in one word - annoying. It's not rapped but yelled. In a couple of places the vocalist stoops to rapping and that's when I really get sick. It's not that I don't like harsh vocals (I like Witchery, Slayer, Morbid Angel for starters) but this is just annoying to the point where I want to skip to the next track. Besides the "new" influences this band has they also pay the occasional nod to Black Sabbath (i.e. check out the doom-laden riff in the track "Colorblind"). The only thing tribal about this band are the drums and the bongo sounding drums (prominent in "Cholo"). The last, too-lengthy, track on the CD entitled "Stir" was the only one that didn't annoy. It's mid-tempo, catchy and the vocals are surprisingly not annoying, they can actually pass as singing. If they would have songs more in this vein then there could be hope for them.

It is clear to me that this band is not metal. Maybe they are on the money when they call their style "heavy, aggro, tribal groove." They should probably thrown in the rap-core moniker somewhere though. This is what makes this something I cannot appreciate. It's pretty bad when the best thing about a band a couple parts of a few songs, one track and their album cover artwork.
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