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April 2011
Released: 2010, One Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

It’s always fun to write a review on a well-known popular band. As a writer you can be a little more opinionated and in-depth because generally there is a familiar frame of reference and there is a safe assumption that the reader knows about (but not always!) the band in question. At the other end of the spectrum is the brand new unknown band who deserve time and attention, because if these new bands stop being creative and making music, the genre dies. Eventually the lifespan of the genre would fade without new, young blood. Stimulans is one of those new, hungry young bands and I’m pleased to help spread word bout them.

DUST is the debut album from these five, young Croatian dudes who were kind enough to send me a copy of their record. I say they are a ’new’ band but they have been around for the better part of ten years but only just releasing the album very late in 2010.

Stimulans is straight ahead classic metal band. Dust is a no frills collection of songs that are well written and well recorded. They fall strictly into the mid-range, mid-paced True metal sound. From the drum driven, Painkiller styled, opening of the lead-off track, ‘Without Control’ to the decent vocal delivery on ‘Dust The Road’, the band are entrenched in the middle of pack. The solos are pretty good, melodic and not too blistering. There are some good back-up vocals and the whole drives along at a decent pace. You might file this along side Brainstorm or Symphorce. I quite like it but I realize that Stimulans have a way to go. It’s a very confident and mature effort but not really dangerous or exciting. It’s competent and controlled and maybe a little too relaxed.

They don’t really have a distinct identity formed yet. The album cover and art of DUST are decent but don’t help them stand out from the pack. There is a ton of competition in the Metal realms. The band will likely live or die based on the strength of the individual songs, which are strong but not quite world-class, yet.
Track Listing

1. Without Control
2. Sacrifice
3. Back To You
4. Distance
5. Dust The Road
6. No Words
7. Steel Dragon
8. Train
9. War
10. Omiški Gusar


Mario Čuljak - Vocals, Guitar
Darko Grubišić - Guitar
Ivan Dabro - Bass
Alen Djurasinovic - Drums

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