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Suicide Dream
Eternity’s End
July 2002
Released: 2002, Independent
Rating: 2.2/5
Reviewer: Michael De Los Muertos

Suicide Dream is a new band--I’m not sure where they’re from--who play a kind of moody, atmospheric metal with some prog influences. At least, they make an attempt at it. ETERNITY’S END is, I think, a product of a band still very much unfinished.

Part of the problem with this album is that I can’t even hear the band. The production on this CD is awful. Absolutely awful--probably the worst aural mix I’ve heard in a very long time. Some of these songs are pretty melodic, and I think the guitars are probably pretty good, but I can’t be sure because the mix is so muddy that they just sound like a featureless, monaural drone. The production also hurts the vocals to a certain extent, but from what I can hear I believe the vocals need some work. For example, the vocals on “The Serpent’s Mark,” the first track, are little more than one note sung over and over again. I suspect the drumming is probably pretty good--but yet again I can’t be sure because I can’t hear anything.

I did like some parts of this album. When Suicide Dream slows down, they’re not bad. The moody introduction of “Dying Dream” is pretty atmospheric, and for once the vocals work perfectly in that song. I also liked their forays into melodic/prog territory, such as “Fly Away” which has a good melody and is presented with some conviction. So there are some things here that are worth hearing. Unfortunately the heaviness of this album, assuming it exists, is completely lost to the listener, and the talent that Suicide Dream probably has does not come through either.

I would not recommend this album to the average metal listener. However, neither would I advise steering clear of anything Suicide Dream might put out in the future. With better production and some tinkering with their sound, I think this band could deliver some pretty good metal.
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