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Suicide Dream
Live Demo
November 2001
Released: 2001, Independent
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

I’m sure most of you don’t know about Connecticut, USA, based Suicide Dream because there are unsigned, do not tour the world and are not covered in the “big” metal publications. I actually reviewed a demo from this band a few years back and some of the criticisms I had back then are still valid today.

As with their first demo, the best thing going for Suicide Dream is the guitar playing of Shadow. His rhythms and leads are all very good. It is painfully clear that he is the heart of the band. A new drummer has joined the band since the last outing - Casey Cullen. There has also been a vocalist change since the last demo I heard and although that change was for the better, the vocals still need use some work. Megan Leo is not only the band’s vocalist she is also the bassist and keyboardist and it is that addition to the band that helps the most. The vocals are far from a lost cause – maybe some vocal lessons, a bit better EQing and re-recording vocal parts where the vocals go slightly off key would be the answer? I have to be fair though; this “demo” was recorded LIVE. That means the actual sound of the vocals is probably not what she would have liked nor was the setting. A bit more “oomph” to the vocals would also be nice…female singers like Kimberly Goss from Sinergy has that, while some other female vocalist sound too “pretty” and non-metal with vocals that sound like that chick in “No Doubt”….ugh…Well Megan Leo is somewhere in between. Give her some more time and a good studio to record in and we’ll see. The highlights as I already mentioned is the guitars! Lead guitarist, Shadow, shreds all over the end of the track “Burial Ground.” “Armageddon” starts out with a Sabbath like “Children of the Grave” chunking…nice stuff. The song’s tempo stays the same….pick it up dude, get pissed!!! I know, I don’t like many “slow” chunky/doomy songs so that’s perhaps not fair hehe. The tempo doesn’t pick up until the end during and after the solo. It’s too bad there was not some aggressive singing over these parts after the solo because it’s the best part of the song! “Haze Invoked” begins with a haunting keyboard intro, nice but the song doesn’t really do anything for me after the intro.

So there you have it. The band has their strengths and areas that need work. I would like to hear what the band sounds like in a professional studio. If you’d like to check out the band drop by their website at
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