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Thin White Paint
November 2016
Released: Oct , Bret Hard
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Steorrah are a German death / prog band who recently played a successful UK tour. Hopefully they picked up lots of new fans along the way and will return. This album has the strange title II Thin White Paint.

Track one is a short spoken intro with piano backing leading into track two, The Milk of Human Kindness which starts of with a South of Heaven style riff before Death metal vocals kick in. There is a massive section in the middle that makes me think Immolation, early Paradise Lost, even Wishbone Ash acoustic proggery, moving into Pink Floyd territory before moving back to modern day mid tempo Slayer. Around the 7 minute mark there is an extended guitar solo before the verse and chorus returns with heavy Death metal vocals and drums becoming heavier with the use of double bass pedals. A mighty fine example of modern day prog tinged heaviness.

Track two has speedier moments mixed in with doom elements, there is even a sort of perverse type of humour in some parts of these songs. German humour of course.  As track three moves onto track four onwards there are yet more Paradise Lost influences. Mostly from their Shade of God album and the sound they returned to last year. Opeth comes tomind as well. The production, as it is with most releases, is perfect with each instrument being easily heard.

I am quoting various bands but this band has an identity of it's own, very impressive, wide ranging, surprisingly melodic. It may be a bit dark for some but I can imagine leaves falling off tress as winter approaches. Mist coming out of the lakes, a ghostly figure in the distance. I suppose the brilliance of this album is a band not afraid to take their music where they want it to go.
Track Listing

1.Intro 01:20
2.The Milk Of Human Kindness 08:40
3.Tea Leaves For Eosphoros 07:28
4.Runt Of The Litter 07:03
5.I Think I Saw The Black Dog 03:45
6.Winchester Geese 07:41
7.The Twelve Nights Of 1984 07:13
8.Meta's Attic 02:56
9.Misericordia / The Great Gig In Disguise 07:59
10.I Think I Saw The Black Dog (Reprise)


Andreas Maerz - Vocals, Electric & Acoustic Guitars
Christian Schmidt - Drums & Piano
Nicolao Dos Santos - Electric Guitars & Backing Vocals
Raoul Zillani - Bass Guitars & Backing Vocals

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