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Steel Raiser
Race of Steel
February 2008
Released: 2008, Pure Steel Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

It´s globally known that Italy has a great scene especially for power metal, a band like Rhapsody of Fire being a huge inspiration for many bands coming from that country. Happily though, the Italian metal scene isn´t only about power metal, but some other metal styles as well. Steel Raiser, this 3-piece band from Italy, plays straight-forward traditional heavy metal á la Priest, Gamma Ray, Accept and the like - and they are indeed pretty killer at what they do. There´s nothing in their sound at all which you wouldn´t have heard before, but the band still manages to keep things on an entertaining level by doing all those things that they can do best in the name of heavy metal: Play it straight through from their hearts, without even trying to be inventors of something new and unheard in metal in general, whatsoever. And that´s what Steel Raiser sincerely seem to be doing; playing their catchy, heavily Priest-tinged metal to the best of their abilities, which obviously satisfies most of the fans of aggressive and traditional heavy metal.

What I find so appealing in Steel Raiser, is the fact this threesome seems to know each other so well that all that they have no problem in creating this tasteful and addictive Priest-flavored metal that just grabs your attention immediately and makes one just dig the hell out of them. Alfonso is one hell of a vocalist, Gianluca´s riffs find their targets easily and Rico ain´t too shabby as a drummer either. Unquestionably Priest (and their PAINKILLER album especially) has always been each of these guys´ favorite main course as well as main dessert. Just tune your ears for such songs as "Race of Steel", "Gears of War" (which actually sounds very ´Painkiller-ish´) and "Evil´s Rage" (love the epicness in this tune) - and you´ll soon realize why. ;o)

I don´t know how big or popular a name they are in their home country of Italy, but as long as they can keep on churning out similar stuff of this entertaining calibre (even if there´s nothing new in their uncompromising sound), it´s more than allowed that Steel Raiser are welcome to make their invasion to all of our home stereos with their ripping, well-flowing and aggressive heavy metal. Steel Raiser... got that name hacked into the back of your head already? Good then... ;o)
Track Listing

01. Ride the Fire
02. Race of Steel
03. Dragon Battalion
04. Rising into the Night
05. Princess of Babylon
06. Roar of Revenge
07. Gloria Perpetua
08. The Night
09. Gears of War
10. Evil's Rage


Alfonso Giordano - Lead vocals
Gianluca Rossi - Guitar & bass
Rico Rodriguez - Drums

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