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Steel Prophet
May 2000
Released: 2000, Nuclear Blast
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Now here's a band that's been together for a long time but only recently have been getting any recognition outside of the underground. L.A.'s Steel Prophet toured in Europe last year with Gamma Ray and Edguy, so that will give you some indication regarding the level of talent possessed by this band. Steel Prophet are not just another power metal band. This is more along the lines of American power metal which to me means it's not as "happy" sounding and has more in common with bands like Nevermore, Lefay and Iced Earth. If you take the power metal elements of those bands and mix it up with classic metal influences from the likes of Iron Maiden, Dio and Priest and throw in a small dose of thrash then you have an inkling as to what you can expect from Steel Prophet. Don't let their image fool you, this is TRUE metal!

The CD has it's strong points and the strongest is the CD opener "The Ides of March" which is obviously a song about Julius Caesar. This is the kind of topic that would find a home with Maiden big time! Musically this is also a nod to their Maiden influences. The galloping rhythms are there with some VERY cool sounding double kicks. The song was not more then 5 seconds in and I automatically loved it. The title track, "Messiah" is another of the CD's head- bangers. I love the guitars near the beginning with their almost Helloween like picking. The CD's third track, "Vengeance Attained" starts out kinda slow but really gets awesome as it picks up in intensity/speed. Other moments on the CD that stood out for me were "Dawn of Man" which has great soaring vocals a la Bruce Dickinson. There are some interesting harmonies happening on the guitars on this one as well. "Unseen" is one of the noisier songs which even has a tremolo picked section that's reminiscent of black metal. The track "07
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