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Steel Horse
Wild Power
October 2010
Released: 2010, Stormspell Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Spanish cherishers of the classic NWOBHM sound, Steel Horse, have supposedly spent hours and hours listening some of their favorite records from that category for many years already. Steel Horse, this foursome traditional heavy metal act located in Madrid, Spain, surely ain´t a band consisting of a bunch of green rookies who just want to ride on the wings of the traditional heavy metal bandwagon because it may be popular or a sort of ´in´ thing to play nowadays - but because they truly sound more like they have been listening to such classic metal forces as Priest, Maiden, Accept, Tygers of Pan Tang, Saxon and such, for their entire lives.

Steel Horse have put out one 4-track EP titled RAISE YOUR FIST in 2008, and then their self-financed debut full-length album, WILD POWER in 2009 that has now been re-released by Stormspell Records. I would say a very good call from Stormspell Records to get it released again because the band´s traditional heavy metal reeks of many of those familiar ingredients in the first place that made me go crazy for bands like Maiden, Priest, Accept, Saxon and such, when I was just a kid who had just started exploring new grounds music-wise.

Steel Horse have pretty much absorbed a good amount of nice hooks, catchy choruses, short solos, lots of melody balanced with enough of the necessary aggression and simplicity of heavy metal - and basically all those other necessary ´evils´ (and not much else really) into their own dose of straight heavy metal that manages to give me my needed kicks due to its warm, pretty raw, analog and old school heavy metal sound. Gladly, the modern studio technology hasn´t put its stamp on this recording, as it most likely would have taken some of this album´s charm away.

WILD POWER as a whole actually sounds like a tribute album to the ´true masters and kings´ that have undoubtedly influenced our Spanish heroes in Steel Horse more than one could think of at first. The entertainment level of this album is pretty strong regarding what NWOBHM was supposed to be all about - and any new band that can touch that magical sound convincingly enough on their releases deserves a few extra beers for sure. In my opinion Steel Horse have just done that on WILD POWER, so if there´s a chance I may see you playing somewhere nearby, I will hook you up with some beers. Sounds like a fair deal, doesn´t it? ;o)
Track Listing

01. Sons of Fire
02. Run to Survive
03. Burning Soul
04. Wild Power
05. Nemesis
06. Raise Your Fist
07. Line of Fire
08. Winds of Time
09. Night Terrors


Jorge Cortes - Vocals
Willy Gascon - Guitar
Angel Muñoz "Choco" - Bass
Rubén Salvador - Drums

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