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Pedicabo Mundi
November 2015
Released: 2015, Forzamorte
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Peter Atkinson

Rhode Island's Sangus pack a lot of intensity into a relatively tidy package on their ferocious second four-track EP of the past year. Pedicabo Mundi is actually almost two minutes longer than last year's Saevitia, at just over 11 minutes, but there's nary an ounce of fat to be found on this absolutely ass-ripping, bold sounding effort.

Recorded at Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou's God City Studio, Pedicabo Mundi jumps right into your face with the headlong self-described “death trash black crust metal” of “Blood Legions.” With its galloping drums, shout-along chorus and avalanche of riffs – the band wisely forgo Ballou's trademark fuzzy “Swedeath” guitar tone in favor a thicker, though still somewhat ragged wall of sound approach - it's a punishing 2:49 to be sure.

“Leeching Pigs” is the most comparatively dynamic track here, its 2:44 opening in a doomy stomp before uncoiling in yet another shower of corrosive riffs and frontman's Vovk's shit-fit of English/Spanish screaming. That carries over to the snub-nosed “Genocidio,” which sounds almost Motorhead-ish in its relatively simple construction and single-mindedly feral delivery.

“Ave il Luce” closes this brief, yet effective “fucking the world to dust” affair – again, their words - with a more black metally flair, it's shrill, frantic riffing studded with the crudest of guitar soloing – a la Immortal after Abbath took over the axework from Demonaz. It too is breathlessly relentless.

I guess the closest comparison, if you need one, for Sangus would be Marduk during their time with the relatively one-dimensional Legion on vocals – stripped down and all-ahead-full, offering nothing fancy and taking no prisoners. Though Vovk's vox have more flame-throwing personality, his job is to scream as loud as he can and try to keep up, and he does so admirably here.

Not sure if Sangus are angling toward making a full length, but based on what they offer here, a half-hour of these guys would be utterly exhausting, not to mention probably a bit boring without something approximating variety. Pedicabo Mundi, though, is just the right dose – 11 minutes of no bullshit “death trash black crust metal” that will tear you a new one for sure.
Track Listing

1. Blood Legions
2. Leeching Pigs
3. Genocidio
4. Ave il Luce


Vovk - vocals
Vamacara - guitars
Barbarian - guitars
Czarnobog - bass
Executioner - drums

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