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Status Minor
November 2009
Released: 2009, Lion Music
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

In the world of progressive metal music there´s hardly any competition because everyone knows basically Dream Theater cannot be deposed from their throne as the masters of their art. It´s just impossible, knowing what they have done in their whole career - and gained so much respect to their side by releasing a good selection of magnificent prog metal albums (their latest album, BLACK LINES & SILVER LININGS, was pure dynamite in my opinion).

Progressive bands tend to come and go - and only a handful of them can make their lifespan last longer than 5 years really. The history is full of examples about these aforementioned bands that recorded 1 or 2 somewhat great albums, then just vanished away from the face of the earth due to different reasons; one of the being a lack of motivation and determination to progress in the song writing for sure.

Status Minor, this melodic and interesting Finnish progressive metal act, has been around since 2003, but only now managed to get their debut full-length album, DIALOG, out on Åland-based (Finland) Lion Music. Now - naturally, the question is, will this album stay on the surface a bit longer than so many other progressive metal albums, that seem to sink into bottomless oblivion way too soon? Let´s find that out, shall we?

On DIALOG, Status Minor bring their own strong spices into this vast soup of progressive metal, playing skilfully and simply delivering their goods in a very convincing and promising way on their debut. In fact, being this tricky, multi-layered, dark-flavored, idea-rich and well produced album like DIALOG is, one really doesn´t have to be Nostradamus to predict a continuation to this skilled Finnish bunch in the future because they can truly deliver.

Markku Kuikka, the band´s vocalist, has a powerful voice full of nuances that color the band´s overall strong and professional performance on this record even more. And it´s not actually Markku only that impresses me so much, but also the rest of the Status Minor team. They seem to find each other instrumental-wise easily, sounding well rehearsed and focused - and I am especially happy about the interaction between both imaginative keyboard - and heavy, cleverly churned out guitar parts. Maybe that is why my favorite song has become the 2nd track on the album, "Out of These Streets", in which the whole band really shows its dark and fearsome colors. The title track of the album, "Dialog", which running time is over 15 minutes in length, is a pretty ambitious yet well put together piece of work; another favorite song of mine off the album that demands quite a lot of attention from its listeners to follow it from the beginning to the end (with headphones the best result is guaranteed - at least it worked for me). In this song the band has also used some ´voice actors´ that bring their own special vibe into the wholeness. Other than that, the song is just huge with so many things going on in it.

DIALOG, being just Status Minor´s grand opener for the progressive metal world, I must hope a longlasting future for them. The band reeks of lots of true potential and talent, so hopefully they are going to stay with us a bit longer than just a couple of years only. ;o)
Track Listing

01. Something More
02. Out of These Streets
03. Stand and Think
04. Fade Away
05. Machine
06. Masquerade
07. Dialog (Act I – Act II – Act III)


Markku Kuikka - Vocals
Sami Saarinen - Guitars
Jukka Karinen - Keyboards
Eero Pakkanen – Bass
Rolf Pilve - Drums

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