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Star One
Live On Earth (DVD)
May 2015
Released: 2003, Insideout
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Back on February 27th, 2015 the actor Leonard Nimoy passed away. He was best known for playing the character of Spock on the series Star Trek. I’m not a huge Trek fan, but when he passed, my mind turned to Metal (as always) and I tried to think of any songs that reference his role as Spock. There are very, very few. In fact, Savatage and Star One are the only two bands I could think of and even those are tenuous connections at best. I decided to pull out my old Star One DVD to review for our new section Vicious Viewing.

As a side note, the utter lack of Metal songs about Star Trek, and by extension Star Wars, or even indeed any Science-fiction topics, reinforced to me the fact that Metal is the realm of Fantasy. For every (few) Sci-fi themed songs or albums there are 100 fantasy ones. I’d estimate a 1:100 ratio for sure. However, Star One is surely one of the preeminent Sci-fi based Metal projects of all time, standing along side the long-running Iron Savior.

LIVE ON EARTH is a magnificent DVD set. It is one of the nicest sets I have in my collection. It is a three-disc set (2 CD/ 1 DVD) housed in a double fold-out digipak and housed in a card board sleeve. There is a very nicely designed 18 page booklet with over 40 full colour photos and a long introduction/essay from Star One Mastermind Arjen Lucassen. It also includes the full credits which is important because there are so many guest stars for this project. The menu, and graphics are very well done the whole presentation is slick and has a very futuristic look and feel.

LIVE ON EARTH is essentially a live concert. It was filmed on October 5th, 2002 in Holland and captures 20 songs. The CD’s leave off the bass solo and keyboard solo which is annoying, it should be the complete concert. The concert itself has some cool production values with a neat stage set. Surprisingly it is only a two-camera shoot but it is much better than standard bootleg quality. The songs are a mix of the debut Star One Album and a few Ayreon songs thrown in as well. The sound is superb as are the individual performances of luminaries like Sir Russell Allen, Floor Jansen and more. You can tell everyone realizes they are involved in a special event capturing a precise moment in time, more like a stage production, rather than a long grueling tour. The Spock reference I mentioned earlier? The song ‘called ‘Songs Of The Ocean’ was based on the feature film, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

There are a few bonus features, some backstage stuff, a photo gallery a couple of Sci-fi themed songs, bringing the total running time to over two hours. I originally gave the debut Star One album a perfect score and this DVD is the ultimate companion of this magnificent project.
Track Listing

1. Intro/Lift-Off
2. Set Your Controls
3. High Moon 4. Dreamtime
5. Eyes of Time
6. Songs of the Ocean
7. Dawn of a Million Souls
8. The Dream Sequencer
9. Keyboard Solo
10. Into the Black Hole
11. Actual Fantasy
12. Valley of the Queens
13. Isis and Osiris
14. Amazing Flight in Space
15. Bass Solo
16. Intergalactic Space Crusaders
17. Castle Hall
18. The Eye of Ra
19. Starchild
20. The Two Gates


Arjen Anthony Lucassen Guitars, Vocals
Irene Jansen Vocals
Robert Soeterboek Vocals
Sir Russell Allen Vocals
Damian Wilson Vocals
Floor Jansen Vocals
Joost van den Broek Keyboards
Peter Vink Bass
Ed Warby Drums



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