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Stan Bush
July 2004
Released: 2004, Frontiers Records/Atenzia Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Mr. Bush started his solo career already in –83 when he released his solo debut. The next album cane out –87 and a lot of touring followed, a few of the song from that album was also featured in some motion pictures.

As a singer and songwriter Mr. Bush has sung on albums with Alice Cooper, Jefferson Starship and he has written songs to House of Lords and Quiet Riot. Together with Jonathan Cain (Journey, Bad English) and Jim Vallance (Aerosmith, Bryan Adams) Mr. Bush started to work on a third album called “EVERY BEAT OF MY HEART”. A longer European tour followed as a support act to Survivor. In –96 Bush released another album “THE CHILD WITHIN” and in 98 he signed on for Frontiers Records who is his current label. His first release on this label was Stan Bush and Barrage. In – 01 Mr. Bush went into the studio again to record “LANGUAGE OF THE HEART” produced by Curt Cuomo (Kiss, Steve Perry etc.).

Now it’s time for a new album for this man and he truly is one of the gods of very melodic hardrock/melodic rock. There are a lot of very famous musicians on this new album called “SHINE”. We have Mr. Pierce (Rod Stewart, Bon Jovi, Goo Goo Dolls etc), Mr. Bissonette (David Lee Roth, Steve Perry, Joe Satrianai etc.), Mr. Aronoff (Lynyrd Skynyrd, Tony Iommi, Rolling Stones etc) and Mr. Funderburk (Boston, Airplay).

I think that it’s Mr. Bush who has written all the 10 tracks, I don’t know which studio they have used or when they have recorded it either. What I DO know is what people Mr. Bush has worked with. He has once again used Curt Cuomo with some help from Rob Jacobs as a producer. Both of them has done a fairly good job and it sounds like very melodic rock should do. They have given a lot of space to Mr. Bush’s vocals as well as some edgy guitars.

This is described as melodic rock, I would rather take this for very, very melodic hardrock influenced by melodic rock instead. The music is based on the lead vocals along with the sharp guitars. It’s a lot of choirs in the chorus who helps Mr. Bush. The use of keyboard is narrowed down to a minimum the sound picture is dominated by lead vocals and guitars.

If you would ask me if Mr. Bush has his voice capacity intact I have to answer yes. I think he sounds still as good and magic as before. Something that’s negative about the album is the constant lyrics about love. It can be a bit boring to listen to that all the time. And as usual when it comes to this kind of music there has to be one or two up tempo ballads included and this is no exception.

Some of my favorite tracks on the album are “SHINE”; “FALLING” DO IT ALL OVER” which are melodic rock tunes influenced by very melodic hardrock. Mr. Bush has some very sharp guitar play and there’s also a lot of keyboard used. Vocals and guitar are at the top of the mix, the third song mentioned are a bit ballad like I think. “I TURN TO YOU”; SAY IT AIN’T LOVE”; “HAVE YOU EVER BELIEVED” and “THE CHANCE YOU TAKE” is some very, very melodic hardrock tracks with influences of melodic heavy rock. This is more guitar-based music and Mr. Pierce has a big part of the sound picture with his brilliant guitar play.

This album includes some Ok songs, a strong production and a singer who carries the melodies real nice, even the cover works for me. On the negative side there is the fact that most of the songs are about love and the big amount of ballads, there is a lot else to write about Mr. Bush and that makes the rating drop.

But if you like what Mr. Bush has done in the past I don’t think your going to be disappointed. I can recommend this to everyone who likes very, very melodic hardrock in combination with heavy rock and ballads.

And according to the info provided it says that Stan Bush’s album is a true classic from one of the best loved artists within the melodic scene today.
Track Listing

I will be there
I turn to you
What you mean tonight
Say it ain’t love
Have you ever believed
Do it all over
The chance you take
When I dream


Stan Bush – lead vocals, b-vox
Tim Pierce – guitar
Kenny Aronoff – drums
Curt Cuomo – keyboard, b-vox
Matt Bissonette – bass
Tommy Funderburk – b-vox

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