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October 2015
Released: 2015, AFM Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Stahlmann is a band I was previously unfamiliar with but in when picking albums to review for this month, I randomly selected this album simply based on a desire to hear something new. While I enjoyed CO2, I certainly didn’t hear anything new musically. But I’m getting ahead of myself; first, some background. Stahlmann is a German band that’s been around since 2008 and has achieved considerable success in their homeland with their previous three releases. I’m not sure how well-known they are outside of their home country, but being signed to AFM Records can’t hurt them.

Now, if you saw that the band was on the typically power and traditional metal-friendly AFM Records and thought Stahlmann would fit into either of those genres, prepare yourself for a surprise. Rather, CO2 is a heavily industrialized, stomping riff-machine, rife with keyboards, exclusively German lyrics, sonorous vocals, and danceable beats. Hmm. Who does that remind you of? If you guessed Rammstein, have a cookie because CO2 could effortlessly fit into that band’s discography. Vocalist and band leader Mart could pass as Till Lindemann’s young, less charismatic brother, just as songs like “Plasma” sound like Rammstein outtakes. Hell, the band even tackles the same risqué lyrical terrain as their militaristic forebears with cuts like “Sadist”.

Stahlmann receive exactly zero points for originality on this album. Having said that, I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy what CO2 has to offer. As a fan of Rammstein, I was easily hooked by catchy tracks like the hard driving “Friss Mich” and “Nimm Meine Hand”. The music on this album is uniformly well-written and flawlessly executed, making CO2 extremely easy to listen to. If you don’t like this style of music, CO2 will certainly not convince you, but fans of this style can easily pick up this album for some instant gratification.
Track Listing

1. Feindflug
2. Plasma
3. Deutschland Tanzt
4. Die Klinge
5. Sadist
6. Friss Mich
7. Spiegelbild
8. Wenn Engel Tanzen
9. Der Ietzte Tag
10. Nimm Meine Hand


Mart: Vocals
Tobias “Tobi” Berkefeld: Guitar, Programming
Mathis Muller: Bass
Dimitros Gatsios: Drums



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