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St. Madness
Vampires in the Church
November 2007
Released: 2006, Nasty Prick Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Rick

With Halloween just having passed this is the perfect opportunity to introduce a new band to the readers of Out of the desolate wastes of Arizona hails the self-proclaimed shock/thrash act St. Madness. Even though they might be a relatively new name to the readers of, VAMPIRES IN THE CHURCH is the bands sixth release dating back to 1994’s debut LONLIENESS IS BLACK. Over the years the group has opened for such heavyweights as Mercyful Fate, Destruction, Van Halen, King Diamond, Flotsam and Jetsam and Six Feet Under to name but a few.

VAMPIRES IN THE CHURCH is a lesson straight ahead thrashing metal with just enough variation to keep it interesting. St Madness harkens back to the days when thrash was still as heavy as metal got and bands like Exodus and Testament were wrecking necks. In fact, at times St. Madness reminds this writer a little of old school Testament crossed with THE DARK era Metal Church which is a great thing in my books. Straight ahead, almost mid paced, headbangers are littered throughout this disc including the standout tracks “Missing Girls Body Found”, “Until Death” and “Vampires in the Church”. One of the standout tracks on the disc is the bands tribute to their home state of Arizona. The acoustic backed verses are in stark contrast to the heavy and groovy as hell chorus. A very catchy track that I found myself skipping to on many spins of the disc. Another surprise on VAMPIRES IN THE CHURCH was the excellent cover of Pantera’s “Walk”. Now this song has been covered by many acts but I have yet to hear a band do it the justice that it deserves as well as St. Madness has.

VAMPIRES IN THE CHURCH was a very surprising disc to say the least. St. Madness are almost a throwback to an earlier time. They would fit easily into the mid 80s metal scene. It is truly amazing that this band has 6 CDs under their collective belts and little is known about them in the broader metal community. Hopefully they are working on new material and a new disc coupled with the strong showing on VAMPIRES IN THE CHURCH will bring the music of St. Madness to a wider audience.
Track Listing

Vampires in the Church
Speaking in Tongues
Covered in Blood Again
Return to Madness
Carl the Clown
Ever After
Missing Girl’s Body Found
I Cut Myself
Until Death
Just Say Goodbye


Prophet: Vocals
Dark Soul: Drums
Altar Boy: Lead Guitar
Mad Marvin: Rhythm Guitar
Uno Mosh: Bass

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