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Squash Bowels
Tnyribal (reissue)
September 2011
Released: 2011, Selfmadegod Records
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

What do you get when an indie label in the Czech Republic re-issues a 10 year old album from a relatively unknown Polish gore grind band? Why you get TNRYIBAL, of course! If you’re unfamiliar with Squash Bowels’ 2000 debut, don’t feel bad, ‘cause I have a feeling you’re in good company. Not sure what the impetus was to reintroduce this album now, but here it is in all its glory– reissued in a new 6-panel digipak with new artwork to boot.

A mixed bag of low-fi indie grind, TNRYIBAL is a mixed bag of goods at best. Think early Dying Fetus without the songwriting or the riffs and you’re in the right neighborhood. Each of the 6 tracks are divvied up into individual segments, so there’s a lot of start and stop and start within each tune that gets a little confusing. Is it over? Nope there it goes again, and it’s done. Psych, here’s some more… If it was good, it’d be palatable, but alas it’s not. Towards the second half of the album Squash Bowels experiments with some tribal percussion and Ministry-lite industrial flirtations, which were the most interesting part of the disc, but unfortunately they’re left as middle disc filler and never fully explored.

As this is my first introduction to Squash Bowels, I couldn’t tell how/if the band’s sound has evolved over the last 10 years, but judging from some research, I’d reckon not much. It’s tough to recommend an album like TNYRIBAL, as there’s a plethora of like minded bands offering similar wares for free on various blog sites or Bandcamp. But if you’re itching to fill that underground urge or you’re anxious to complete your Squash Bowels discography, you can purchase the TNYRIBAL reissue through Selfmadegod’s webstore.
Track Listing

1. Stranger Mind: Possessed - Amssend - Passage
2. Dark Corridors: Xabon - Refractive - Naxaru - Ytarb
3. Zema Inpa: Fear - Doldrums - Liberate Me! - Dizziness - Effluvium
4. Zonhori Nteve: Blood - Soulless - Radiate - Transmit
5. Bad Sector: Melzu Nepa - Sybba - Rezom - Dergi
6. Black Thing: The Shape - TMA - 3 – Error


Marek Olek - Drums, percussion
Zbycho - Guitars, vocals
Paluch - Bass, vocals

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