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Sleeping With The Wolves
February 2017
Released: 2016, MDD Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

SpiteFuel emerged from the embers of German band 'Strangelet' who disbanded at the start of 2016. Stefan Zörner, Tobias Eurich and Finn Janetzky from Strangelet are joined by two ex-members of 'Devil Darling', Timo Pflüger and Björn Hessemüller, aiming to build on the success that 'Strangelet' had enjoyed following the release of their debut album 'First Bite'. Live shows with bands such as Bonfire, Night Demon and Phrphecy 23 have helped them to develop as a band and now with this new release they plan to capitalise on the success they created.

Their first offering is a 3 track single, recorded & produced at Gemhart Studios in Troisdorf by Martin Buchwalter, this is a taste of what is to come on the eagerly awaited album 'Second To None' which is due for release this spring. With new found levels of maturity, huge melodies and meaty riffs combine with generous harmonies, the band have presented here a trio of tunes that capture the energy of the band.

The Orchestration on 'Sleeping With The Wolves', was carried out by Arkadius Antonik, at over 6 minutes long it is an epic and powerful song, which evidences the formidable skills of the band. Exquisite guitars blend with pounding drums and multiple vocals to create a huge sound, with intriguing changes of pace along the way. Second of the three tracks is a song that is considered the trademark of the bands' live shows, 'Never Surrender' which is heavy and dramatic, intense and oppressive, it dominates the listener, then treats them to a delicious guitar solo for their troubles.

Finally the single finishes with a shortened Orchestral rendition of the title track, which clearly demonstrates the aptitude of the musicians, showcasing the beauty and drama contained within its notes.

This is classic power rock, that will leave you breathless from it pure intensity, grand and pompous, rich and creative, it should leave every listener desperate to hear the rest of the album.
Track Listing

1. Sleeping With Wolves
2. Never Surrender (Re-recorded)
3. Sleeping With Wolves (Orchestral)


Stefan Zörner - Vocals
Tobias Eurich - Guitar
Timo Pflüger - Guitar
Finn Janetzky - Bass
Björn-Philipp Hessemüller - Drums

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