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Spiritus Mortis
Demo 2000
June 2002
Released: 2000, Independent
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Woah, now here’s a style that you don’t hear too much anymore. Spiritus Mortis plays slow and groovy rockers in a style that recalls 70s heavy metal obviously derived from the mighty Sabbath. Immediate points for coolness right off the bat. Further cool points for the fact that the band is from Finland and doesn’t play death metal! They must stick out like sore thumbs in that country’s music scene! Minus a few points for the fact that this disc is only 10 minutes long! Boo hiss.

The production on this disc is perfect for the bands retro sound: rough and dirty. It also perfectly highlights the vocals of Vesa Lampi who sounds fantastically gravel-throated and mean. It also helps that the band have written some great tunes for him to wail on, as all three tracks on this disc kick ass, though “Flames” is especially great.

I dunno, there’s just something refreshing about music like this in today’s metal scene. To me it seems a perfect time for a band like this to break into the mass metal consciousness. Indeed the band is recording new songs this year for their debut full-length. Can’t wait!

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