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Spirit Disease
October 2006
Released: 2006, Twisted Face
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The band members themselves call Spirit Disease an ´extreme metal act´. Yes, extreme stuff this undoubtedly is in many different ways for sure - and certainly not something that would be enjoyed by a group of aged people together in this specific house meant for these ´older´ boys and girls, while waiting the X-mas eve to come. Or wait a second... now THAT would be extreme – just think of it a bit more accurately for the next couple of seconds, ok?

Grinding Death Metal style on ANNIHILATION never really gets boring as the songs on it seem constantly to change their colors like a chameleon, ready to defend her nest. What Spirit Disease do on their debut record, they do it well – avoiding sounding dull or simply boring at all. They have got a good grip on things they do in all 12 songs on this record, and it´s even justified to say Spirit Disease has overall got heavier balls on this release idea-wise as wholeness than many today´s already established Death Metal acts that have totally run out of ideas and sadly lost their spark for real kick-ass tunes completely.

In some ways, however, Spirit Disease, reminds me of a mixture of the following three bands: Rotten Sound (thanx to some grinding parts!), Impaled Nazarene (thanx to the hysteric vocals + overall a relentless aggression in their muzick!) and Bolt Thrower (thanx to some occasional barrage of groovily rollin´ riffs and shit!), so if you have just any interest toward any of those aforementioned three bands, Spirit Disease may be your band to be checked out then.
Track Listing

01. Annihilation
02. What's God Got to Do with It?
03. Defenceless Prey
04. Ultimate Sacrifice
05. Scared to Live (Afraid to Die)
06. The Deathlike Gloom
07. Wish You Were Dead
08. Covered in Warm Blood
09. Delusions of Grandeur
10. When the Walls Came Crumbling Down
11. The Reign of Tyranny
12. The Angel of Cancer and Plague


Tuberculosis - Vocals
Sallanen - Vocals & bass
Koskinen - Guitar
Riikonen - Guitar
Toivonen - Drums

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