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The Whisperer
December 2014
Released: 2014, Eulogy Media
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

It has been four years since Spires released their debut full length album 'Spiral of Ascension', an album that has been critically acclaimed for its diverse compositions and instrumental ingenuity. Spires are a four piece group who are based in Manchester, the brainchild of the vocalist, guitarist AND producer Paul Sadler. With 'Spiral of Ascension' Spires demonstrated their skills of song writing and depth of disposable talent which left an excruciating urge to see what they could produce next. Their live shows serve as a further testament to the seriousness of this bands intent, gaining a loyal following through their intensity and flair. Spires have since had to replace previous guitarist Paul Cuthbert yet they have found a more than worthy replacement in Richard Corrie.

'The Whisperer' is an excellent example of where progressive music is heading. The beautiful melodies are smashed and obliterated by the sheer brutality that ensues. Track by track the album progresses from a melodic and mesmerising cello introduction with 'Ethereal Beings' to eloquently driven heavy brilliance with 'At his Behest'. The raw talent that the members of Spires possess is blatantly displayed, by all members, from all aspects. The vocals of Paul Sadler have the ability to lull the listener into a state of bliss and then brutally fracture any possible conception of what they may have assumed. .

For any fan of progressive metal, this is an album to listen to.

Spires are able to forgo average rhythms, drop beat and then continue into ever expanding bodies of expression. The more you listen to 'The Whisperer' the more satisfied you are. Spires display their edge with ever progressing melodies which range from their well tempored acoustic track 'Surrogate' which then bleeds into 'Primal Revelations', another display of Spires brutal edge.

It's hard to find fault with a band such as Spires. They match eloquence with brutality in an exceptionally vivid and awe inspiring fashion. Spires have the ability to envelop the listener in a shrine of calm listening and then shatter this misconception into complete and absolute obliteration.

The album finishes with what has to be one of Metal music's finest examples of diversity. Spires have produced an epic tale which could translate to any music fan. 'The Whisperer'-which closes the album-runs for 20 minutes yet you could feel aggrieved for not being able to see how it expands further.

There could be no further appraisals or recommendations to listen to Spires second taste of full length appetisers. I use the word "appetisers" for the mere fact that there will be more from this band. They have far too much talent at their disposal with quantity backed up by quality You may need some patience, an open mind and a sheer passion for everything that is music/metal. I have heard of comparisons with Spires and Mastodon, Opeth etc. yet I see this as a completely unique body of music. There are aspects that are comparable but then again Spires hold their own and serve 'The Whisperer' as a statement of passionate aggression.

To anyone who not only respects but loves anything progressive, I would implore you to give Spires and 'The Whisperer' some of your time. They possess the song writing and theatric exploits of Devin Townsend, coupled with the exploratory melodies of Opeth and the sonic assault of Mastodon. 'The Whisperer' blends all these traits into one mesmerising piece of extravagant which should be experienced by all.
Track Listing

01. Ethereal Organisms (14:06)
02. At His Behest (6:09)
03. Surrogate (2:43)
04. Primal Revelation (6:28)
05. The Fevered Spirit (11:08)
06. Elsewhere (4:28)
07. The Whisperer (20:57)


Paul Sadler-Vocals/Guitar
Richard Corrie-Guitar
Alex Jolley-Bass
Chris Barnard-Drums

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