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Spin Gallery
Standing Tall
April 2004
Released: 2004, Atenzia Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Spin Gallery is yet another Swedish band that consists of three highly skilled lead vocalists - Christian, Kristoffer and Magnus. The band has a bunch of famous musicians with them on this debut album. The famous Tommy Denander has produced, arranged, and played almost all of the instruments on the album. When Dave Reynolds from Kerrang heard the album he said that it was “the best I’ve heard for 10 years” (which I really don’t understand).

I don’t really know how to describe this album, but in my opinion it’s heavy rock influenced by very, very melodic hard rock along with some sharp guitar harmonies. The three vocalists lie at the top of the mix and they share lead vocals throughout the album. The music has certain flair of the 80’s, but with updated production. Spin Gallery’s music is very radio-oriented and of course also has a few ballads. Spin Gallery has 12 songs on this debut of which Tommy and Christian wrote all songs except one by Tommy along with R. Delin and two are covers. Mostly the songs are about love, both happy and unhappy, which I think is kind of boring. Just look at the titles of the songs and you’ll know what I mean. The band has used different studios like The Hit Men and Studio 14 in Stockholm, Sweden, Roasting House Studio in Malmö, Sweden, Chartmaker located in L.A., and Goodrum in Nashville. Both post-production and mastering was done in Roasting House Studio. The album keeps a steady pace although I don’t have any favorite song. I’m not so happy about the cover art either, it doesn’t fit the music.

Even though the guys have done an excellent job with the vocals the music is too radio friendly and overly melodic for me. There is also too many songs about love - there are other things to sing about right!? Iif you are a fan of very, very melodic hard rock this may be worth checking out.
Track Listing

Standing Tall
Am I Wrong
I Still Recall
No Looking Back
Need To Be Free
Living Without Lovin’
Waiting In My Dreams
To Hell And Back


Christian Antblad – lead vocals
Magnus Weidenmo - lead vocals
Kristoffer Lagerström - lead vocals
Tommy Denander – guitar, keyboard, bass and loops
Marcus Foster – drums
David Foster – piano
Randy Goodrum – keyboard
Michael Thompson – guitar effects
Anders “Theo” Theander – percussion



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