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Spectre Dragon
Draconian Aeon
December 2001
Released: 2000, Independent
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Spectre Dragon bill themselves as “Blackened Power Metal” which is a great concept and I wish more bands would follow this sound. SD are a German 4 piece and they play with conviction and passion. The songs have are a few nice tempo changes, some good melodic acoustic intro’s and flourishes. Keyboards are there but used very sparingly.

The vocals range in power and style from a blackened growl to a clean style. Not as wide ranging as King Diamond for example but the same concept a high voice, low voice, high voice all in the same song. I found the singer has an excellent sound but it was too far back in the mix. In fact the production on the entire CD is a little low. Nothing a little experience and some time couldn’t fix.

The drums are pretty pounding and pretty fast sometimes almost too fast for the riffs, but it is OK when the drummer, Draconiz propels the song at a faster speed, setting the pace instead of keeping pace.

The lyrics have a definite dark edge that keep with the theme of being blackened. Tunes like, “Zombie Swamp” and “Demon Host”, “Vampire Love”, and “Into The Demon Storm” give you an idea that there are no songs about getting dumped by a girl!

Overall the songs are fast enjoyable power-metal with a certain raw, gritty edge in both songwriting and in terms of production values. This is not a silky smooth, “ballerina metal” band by any means by they do have balls especially on the track “Storming the Gates of Asgardland”! It nice to hear a band that has a bit more aggression but still planted firmly in the classic power-metal category.

The packaging was fairly well done with lyrics and pictures but of a lower quality, which is a bit surprising because they have been around for a while since the early 90’s with a number of cool, independent releases. Although I don’t speak German the website http://www.spectredragon is well done for those of you who want to learn more. If you are tired of ‘power’ metal bands with pretty boys and female singers (like Edenbridge) I recommend you check out Spectre Dragon.
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