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Spectral Lore
August 2012
Released: 2012, Independent
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Spectral Lore is based in Athens, Greece and is the project of sole Musician Ayloss, who writes and self-produces his own music and has done since 2006. The album was composed and recorded at the Stellar Auditorium with the album artwork by Sperber Illustrationen and ADMC07.

On first hearing this album it is clear there are some other elements to this album, including ambient and experimental music from classic to heavy metal, acoustic folk and even some progressive rock and doom, but the basic genre here is classic, dirty dark Black Metal!

As soon as I heard the first track I loved this album. It has something different to it and an unique sound which stands out from other black metal albums I have been listening to lately. As with the classic black metal genre, the production isn’t great but makes this album even more brilliant and suits it perfectly.

It is slightly chaotic in parts but takes you on a dark and slightly claustrophobic journey which includes some amazing and beautiful sounds from the ambience in the songs but also has the harsh, deep and gritty vocals and growls which sound amazing with the drums and guitar riffs with the amazing deep poetic lyrics and amazing melodies in these tracks, especially in track 4; ‘Quest for the Supramental’ which is slow and deep, sounding very doom metal.

The album only consists of 6 tracks but most of them are 10 minutes long with the last track being 30minutes long! This is not a bad thing as there is so much in this album it is one you can lose yourself in and one that should be listened to alone with earphones in to get the full effect of the incredible and different sounds that are being played here.

This is not an album for every metal fan, as it is pretty complex but if you are into Black Metal and like your Doom and want to hear something different, then you definitely need to hear this album!

Personally, I loved it!

Review by Jo Blackened
Track Listing

01. All Devouring Earth
02. The Dejection Of Arjuna
03. The Coming Of Age
04. Quest For The Supramental
05. My Ascension Into The Celestial Spheres
06. Atlus I
07. Atlus II



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