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Confusion Bay
May 2004
Released: 2004, Nuclear Blast
Rating: 4.2/5
Reviewer: Waspman

After putting out an immensely enjoyable debut album in 2003 with VELVET NOISE, Raunchy have wasted no time in returning with their follow-up salvo, CONFUSION BAY. The band is basically the same as before, except that they’ve now officially added a keyboard player to fully flesh out their sound.

In comparison to their debut, Raunchy have returned with an album that is both heavier in places, and a lot catchier and more hooky. The opening attack of “Join the Scene” features the band’s first truly sing-along chorus as Lars’ vocals get all anthemic, exhorting various cities to “Join the Scene”. “Summer of Overload” is another ridiculously catchy song, as it seems that the band has mastered the art of writing the perfect chorus. In contrast though, the band has also added a lot more thrash influence into their sounds than before as seen in “9-5” and other songs. Of course, the Fear Factory influence is ever present, but to me it is less pronounced than before, as Raunchy slowly grows and develops a sound of their own.

Some songs are a drag though, as “The Devil” and “Morning Rise and a Friday Night” are fairly dull. Still, two less than great songs out of 11 are easy to swallow, especially with a sugary sweet chaser like “Show Me Your Real Darkness” to follow. The best part though, is that the mallcore traces from the debut disc are almost no where to be found on CONFUSION BAY, the band seemingly coming to their senses on that issue. In its place are some Soilwork and In Flames touches, thankfully from those bands’ late 90’s period, rather than their more recent output.

Overall this is a slight improvement over VELVET NOISE, and a sure step in the right direction for the band. It may be somewhat accessible metal, but it’s metal nonetheless. Give in, check it out. You will not be disappointed.
Track Listing

1)Join the Scene
2)I Get What I See
3)Summer of Overload
4)Watch Out
6)Show me Your Real Darkness
7)Confusion Bay
8)The Devil
10)Morning Rise and a Friday Night
11)Bleeding #2


Lars Vognstrup: Vocals
Jesper Tilsted: Guitars
Lars Christensen: Guitars
Jesper Kvist: Bass
Jeppe Christensen: Keyboards/Vocals
Morten Toft Hansen: Drums

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