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Step Inside for the Slaughter
November 2008
Released: 2008, Self-released
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

"Some people may want to know, what drives these guys to keep making some of the most gruesome speed metal anyone has ever heard, others just want to know what we had for breakfast...".

RattleheaD hails from the most rotten gutters of Hollywood, California (as they have expressed it themselves on their own website), and has been around since the summer of 2003; they have done a couple of demos and self-released their 10-track debut album, titled RESPONSIBLE MOSHING...? in 2004. The band´s follow-up album, STEP INSIDE FOR THE SLAUGHTER, kept the fans of the band waiting for this second release for 4 long years, but the wait is over now.

Having not heard the band´s debut, I only know that I may well check it out afterwards because at least RattleheaD´s 2nd speed metal assault provides an easy and enjoyable listening experience - in fact, all the 9 songs on it. The music sounds kind of a secure and safe mix of both speed and heavy metal that even crosses the thrash border slightly here and there - sounding very ´80s-tinged, which is always a definite plus in my books of respect and admiration. When listening to the songs off of STEP INSIDE..., one could say that the guys have clearly understood what it means to have a good vibe ruling throughout all the songs in order to have a solid-made package that truly stands out on its own merits. There´s a great amount of good musicianship captured inside RattleheaD, and this foursome don´t hesitate to bring it out in terms of good songwriting skills - and overall making songs that pretty much serve speed and heavy metal fans´ tastes. Actually my two tiny complaints go to the guitar sound, which is rather thin and dry-sounding - as well as a drum sound that has been left way too much in the background in the final mix. Maybe the band´s vocalist Nick could also try a few different ways to express himself as a singer as his vocalism tends to sound perhaps a tad monotonous in the long run. He doesn´t sound bad by any means, but I suppose he can do even better. So, yeah, that was third... ;o)

Nonetheless, RattleheaD deserves to be checked out. They are pretty good at what they do, so by all means go and check their music out.
Track Listing

01. Blood of the Innocent
02. Crystal Night
03. Buried Alive
04. Burn the Witch
05. Red October
06. House of Meiwes
07. Shades of Black
08. Judgement Day
09. Crack a Cold One


Nick Baranov - Guitars and vocals
Francis Ausley - Lead guitars and backing vocals
Shadow - Bass guitars and backing vocals
AJ Stixxx - Drums and percussion

In addition: Slave-a-Slave - Backing vocals on tracks 4 and 9

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