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March 2010
Released: 2010, Full House Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Ratface is another Finnish very metal orientated hardcore act that was put together in the suburbs of the capital city of Finland, Helsinki. As with so many other hardcore/thrashcore bands on Full House Records, Ratface offers a good dose of violent and reckless fun, giving you a hard but a gentle punch straight in your face, like it or not.

RATASSED is the band´s debut full-length album – and it´s actually lots of fun to listen to. They remind me of early days Suicidal Tendencies in some peculiar way, but with more thrash elements added to their relentless and violent outbursts. They have shitloads of cool riffs and catchy hooks involved within their songs – and since I have always been a fan of bands like Ludichrist, DxRxIx, Crumbsuckers, Septic Death, etc., I can certainly appreciate what Ratface is all about with their wild and relentless attitude to bring us some neck-breaking noise. Songs like “King King of Bling Bling” and “In Satan We Trust” are bloody asskicking cuts that do not beg for mercy – punishing one more than a bunch of filthy and rebellious bandits placing you in the middle of their crossfire in Afganistan without caution.

Then again, why on earth they wanted to ruin my enjoyment by including the last 2 songs on this record, "I Don't Like Hardcore" (which is a marijuana-smelling reggae song) and "Gute Scheisse" (yea, ´good shit´ in a sense of bad taste. I am sorry to say but I did not get the joke, so come ´n´ shoot me. But for the merits of the other songs on RATASSED, this disc has found its way on my CD-player quite often during this passing week, and that´s always - more or less, a good sign about something… ;o)
Track Listing

01. Ratassed (feat: Peachey Six Ft Ditch)
02. Pain Meetz Counterpain
03. Crazytown Coolio
04. Nightwizh 4 a War
05. Jägermeiztershow
06. Burana1000 (feat: David Shatterproof)
07. More Booze More Sex (feat: Pussy Rat Dollz)
08. Year of Hate
09. King King of Bling Bling (feat: Shaka)
10. In Satan We Trust (feat: JakeFiend)
11. I Don't Like Hardcore
12. Gute Scheisse


MC Respektor - Vocals
Kännimän - Guitar
Kymä -Guitar
J - Bass
Spider - Drums

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