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Between Two Worlds
February 2014
Released: 2013, Eulogy Media ltd
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Forged in the midlands on the year of our dark lord, 2007, Rannoch have already carved a bit of a name for themselves with the perfect blend of harsh brutality and soothing melodies. With Between Two Worlds being their 3rd release (after Rorschach and Talamh Mathair respectively),they look to break through the so called glass ceiling with a sound that can only be described like this: Imagine if you will, a drunken, and slightly raunchy, night between Meshuggah, Vader, Behemoth and Emperor, and in amongst the haziness of the next day, one of them says "I'm pregnant.....", Rannoch would be that unexpected, but welcome, mistake.

The album starts with AGE OF THE LOCUST, and straight away, you get a sense of how heavy and technical they can be, but its tamed down to a point that they don't try and cram as many ideas down your throat as humanly possible, and isn't just technical for techs sake (*cough *cough like Morbid Angel *cough *cough, sorry there, I have a cold), but the next tracks are where the band really got my attention. WILL TO POWER and THE FORGOTTEN, are that kind of heavy that makes you to beat your chest in the most animalistic way imaginable, the use of 8 strings just gives that extra depth to an already diverse sound.

As the album progresses, so does the sound, going from all out down tuned fury, to more of an atmospheric, Opeth kind of affair, with more melodies intertwined with the harshness as before. What really becomes apparent, is the bands concept of a "virtual vinyl", where the album is split into two quite different parts, the first being "I'm going to smash my face through that dry wall" heavy, to, "I'm going to take a walk through this dead, decaying forest and sing to myself" heavy, which culminates in the album's title track, which is split into 3 parts, THE FIRE, THE PATH and THE LODGE, which took me on a journey I seriously wasn't expecting.

It's not very often you get an album which will blow you away too much, but this is no such situation, it's hard to believe that these guys are homegrown, as their sound is a lot more akin to bands from past the Arctic Circle, never the less, I'm sort of lost or words on what to say really, other than its amazing, and if you like bands like Opeth, Meshuggah, Isahn etc, then you need this in your life, seriously.

Review by Ryan.L.Spearman
Track Listing

1) Age Of The Locust
2) Will To Power
3) The Forgotten
4) Faith
5) The Navidson Record
6) Hallways
7) Between Two Worlds pt1: The Fire
8) Between Two Worlds pt2: The Path
9) Between Two Worlds pt3: The Lodge


Ian Gillings - Guitar/Vocals
Richard Page - Guitar
Paul Lloyd - Bass
Damian Powell - Drums

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