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War Behest
October 2013
Released: 2012, Inferno Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

This month will be reviewing a number of releases on the small, but very cool French label, Inferno Records. There have a decent roster of about 20 bands from around the world that they release on vinyl, Cassette and CD. This month I will be reviewing releases by Axecutor (Brazil) Clenched Fist (Brazil), Death Rides a Horse (Denmark), Elvenstorm (France), Lady Beast (USA), Prime Evil (USA), Rampart (Bulgaria), Razorwyre (New Zealand). Please feel free to enjoy all the reviews in this feature.

WAR BEHEST is the second album from Bulgarias’ Rampart and this is my first time hearing them. This quartet has been around for about 10 years and despite some label changes and major line-shuffles, the band managed to keep it together. The cover art is realty good it looks like Andreas Marshall and the warrior kind of look like Hector from Hammerfall!

Rampart bring classic Metal to the table. WAR BEHEST is a simple 10-song, 43 minute album full of very good, traditionally styled Metal songs. Fans of Priest and Maiden would find lots to enjoy here. The vocals of Maria are strong, not too high and she doesn’t employ a soprano style at all, but has good range and tone. The pace of the album is quick but not super-fast. The guitar solos are good and catchy again, I hate to compare but there are some Hammerfall comparisons, in that they both have good, catchy songs. There are a few really interesting parts like the bass solo at about the 3:00 mark of ‘Ghost Of Freedom', which is note really a ‘solo’ in the conventional sense, but it is good to hear nonetheless.

Rampart shows quite a bit of promise and I hope they can refine their sound, establish a bit more of an identity while staying within the classic Metal structures they are working in.
Track Listing

1. Thunder Realm
2. Army of the Perfect
3. Ghost of Freedom
4. Within the Silence
5. Road to the Unknown
6. Fire Circle
7. Up in Arms
8. Storm Force
9. Give Nothing Back
10. March on to Victory


Maria D.S. Vocals
Vili Neshev Guitar
Svilen Ivanov Bass
Peter Svetlinov Drums

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