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We Are The Night
January 2017
Released: 2016, Indie
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Manos X

Rӓmlord is a Finnish band created around 2010. When guitarist Jarno Anttila exited Impaled Nazarene he started working on a new band with much more diverse sound. He was successful 100% in that department. Rӓmlord combines healthy doses of black and death metal fused with equal portions of 70s rock ‘n roll and goth.

Their style is quite unique but at the same time their music sounds familiar and is easy to get into. Rӓmlord is one of these rare occasions of a band having the ability to combine all these different musical styles under a single song. This may sound confusing but surprisingly their doing a damn fine job. Their excellent songwriting skills helped to create songs that don’t sound like an uneven patchwork of previously mentioned genres.

Instead the “We are the Night” creates vibrations of a unique musical identity. Don’t get me wrong Rӓmlord aren’t reinventing the wheel. Instead they’re stepping on solders of giants like Iggy Pop, Ramones, Motorhead without forgetting band like Bathory, Sentenced or Immortal!

Solid musicianship throughout the album without any need of becoming flashy. Production/mixing has kept all this in mind and has created a sound that owes a lot to Sentenced. But most importantly mixing has brought vocals on the center of the album. I must make an honorable mention for Mikko Ojala’s stunning vocal performance. From black metal shrieks (think Immortal) to dark colored clean vocals favoring artists like Iggy Pop and country singer Johnny Cash. This happens sometimes inside a single song and most importantly without loosing any personality or storytelling skills!

Rӓmlord’s WE ARE THE NIGHT is a solid EP and the band is displaying some serious songwriting skills capable of turning a lot of heads. If I could make an observation is that I’d rather them to lean to heavier stuff since I think it fits their sound but this is something to be seen in the future. For now don’t be afraid to check out Rӓmlord and you won’t be disappointed
Track Listing

1. Neophyte
2. From Your God
3. Crow’s Reach
4. Son Of No Man
5. To The Void
6. We Are The Night


Mikko Ojala Vocals
Tommi Kanerva Guitar
Jarno Anttila Guitar
Niko Karppinen Bass
Janne Mannonen Drums



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