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May 2002
Released: 2002, Spikefarm Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Norwegian atmospheric psycho-Black Power metallers (and you just love all these descriptions, don´t ya, he!) 2nd strike comes in the form of ESCAPE, which basically continues right from those very same musically complicated steps where their debut PURE THERAPY left off. As always, the mastermind behind Ram-zet named Mr. Zet MUST be some sort of a lunatic (or genius?) for conjuring up some of the most insane and trickiest compositions for this album you can get as far as today´s metal scene is concerned. You may wonder what makes their music so damn "tricky"? It could be easy to say that different samples that they use so effectively on ESCAPE do, but I think it´s more of a result of their weird song arrangements in some places where and when their music starts meandering around from point A via B via F via Q and kind of never coming back to the starting point--if you know what I mean by all this? ESCAPE is like a big futuristic business center that neither sleeps nor rest--ever. All the floating, new-inventing energy that it holds inside in its catacombs (i.e. songs), just keeps on moving forward and backwards, changing its shape constantly and kind of never letting a listener out of that system at all.

From the almost 9-minute long opener “R.I.P.” to the last song “The Moment She Died” Ram-zet prove to be a band that is living outside of the different trends and hypes. They are making their "extreme metal" by their own terms only. It´s really hard to say whether any genre describes them ´coz they are breaking boundaries between different categories shamelessly and ambitiously – and indeed, that concept works for them more than just well, in my opinion. Being described as "an atmospheric and psychotic Black-Power Metal" by Mr. Zet himself does justice to their multi-dimensional, apocalyptic-like "metal." If you´re not afraid of female vocals by courtesy of an uncrowned Norwegian beauty called Sfinx, violins, different samples, Black fuckin´ Metal and an experimental approach that Ram-zet´s music is so heavily based on all the time, then don´t hesitate to check them out. Because all this can be traced down on ESCAPE - and most probably even more if your ears have been tuned correctly on the right channel. What an awesome band they truly are; you cannot resist them right after you have heard the concept that they have created around their godly music. I bet you´ll hardly hear anything this atmospheric and innovative shit from the land of tuna and oil ever again – besides Arcturus, maybe…
Track Listing

01. R.I.P.
02. Queen
03. The Claustrophobic Journey
04. Sound of Tranquillity
05. The Seeker
06. Pray
07. I'm Not Dead
08. The Moment She Died


Sfinx - Lead vocals
Kuth - Drums
Magnus - Keyboards, stuff
Zet - Lead vocals, guitars, stuff
Solem - Bass
Sareeta - Violins, backing vocals

Additional musicians on ESCAPE

The choir:
Ane Thune Borresen
Renate Grimsbo Kuldbrandstad
Mari Bakke Ottinsen
Randi Strombu
Sissel Strombu

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by Luxi Lahtinen

by Luxi Lahtinen

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