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Racer X
May 2001
Released: 2001, Mascot Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Joe

Is your neighborhood being overrun with dangerous and deranged wiggers??? Are evil music industry moguls threatening the safety of you and your loved ones for not buying Rap and Mallcore CD’s??? Has the music world gone totally mad??? Fear not! For the world’s newest SUPERHEROES have arrived!!! Collectively known as Racer X, this fearsome foursome is comprised of Motorman (aka Jeff Martin - Vox), The X-Tinguisher (aka John Alderete - Bass), The Electric Bat (aka Paul Gilbert - Guitar), and Cowboy Axe (aka Scott Travis - Drums), and they’ve come to save us from the tyranny of Pop culture. "Yo, suckas! Run fo yo freakin’ lives, yo!"

With an album cover concept that seems to have been taken directly from the film ‘Mystery Men’, SUPERHEROES is the second CD from Racer X since reforming in late 1999. I was disappointed to hear a few months back that the band (once again) didn’t intend to have a car-themed album cover like their 80's records, but I gotta admit that the "super hero" concept definitely worked. I did quite a bit of chuckling while looking over the inserts.

Anyway, on to the music... Having been a Racer X fan for around ten years now, I’m probably a little biased in my opinion of them, but these guys have yet to disappoint me. While I really liked last year’s TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES, SUPERHEROES comes closer to recapturing the classic Racer X sound. The CD begins with the title track, which could have easily fit onto the band’s debut album STREET LETHAL back in 1986. With a rather Halford-esque vocal performance from Jeff Martin, speedy riffing and shredding by Paul Gilbert, and an unrelenting rhythm courtesy of Alderete and Travis, this song alone is almost worth the cost of the CD! (Guys... In the future, PLEASE put more songs like this one your albums!) The rocking continues with the L.A.-style Power Metal track "Let the Spirit Fly", a down-tuned cover of Blue Oyster Cult’s "Godzilla", and the Euro-flavored instrumental "King of the Monsters". "Mad At the World" is a cool tune too, but if you’ve heard Mr. Big’s CD LEAN INTO IT, you’ll probably recognize the music as the song "My Kinda Woman" (I guess Jeff didn’t want to sing Eric Martin’s lyrics, hehehe...). The guys even wrote a song for yours truly as well. That’s right... There’s even a track called "Evil Joe", hahaha... The album closer "O.H.B." (One Hot Bitch) harkens back to the party-hearty 1980's with it’s Glam-style riffing and sexy/sexist lyrics... All in all, it kicks ass!

Once again, Racer X have delivered a very good CD, and if you like technical, pseudo-glammy Metal with only a slight European influence, then keep your eyes open for SUPERHEROES. It just might save your day.
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