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Rain Fell Within
June 2002
Released: 2002, Dark Symphonies
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Cid

After their somehow successful first release under Dark Symphonies, american 6-piecce outfit, Rain Fell Within have just delivered their second full length album. The first thing I must say, is that if you liked their debut BELIEVE, you are more than likely to love REFUGE.

Musically closest to Doom/Gothic Metal in the vein of Crematory (that’s what it reminded me of, and the first one to ask “how the hell did you hear…” can put his/her head in a bucket of crap), Rain Fell Within still manage to create quite a different sound than anything else you’ve heard before. The great big difference with other Doom/Gothic bands is in their female vocals. Dawn’s vocal style is a mix of operatic base (not entirely unlike Tarja’s) and high pitched tones that set her apart from other female screamers.

The band manages to create enormous amounts of atmosphere for each track mainly by imposing a slow paced tempo that lasts during most of the album (save a few very interesting speed bursts here and there). The other main element in setting the mood and base for this recording is the piano interludes, everything is done correctly, every passage is well thought out and very well structured so that it doesn’t drag the music down but brightens it up quite a bit.

My problem with this album is that I don’t like Doom or Gothic metal, let alone a mix of both styles so what I’m about to say might just be a matter of personal taste. This said, I’ve played this CD about 6 times in the past 2 days to try and soak myself in it to write this review, and nothing has stuck with me. I can’t remember a distinct passage, I can’t remember a chorus, nothing. This can’t be good at all. But again, this might be just me. The other main problem with this CD is the vocals, not everyone might be able to appreciate Dawn’s vocal approach and vocal prowess since her tone is very high pitched and operatic at the base. It took some getting used to for me at least. Other than that, this is a solid release that is likely to please Doom and gothic metal fans if they want to try something “new.”
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