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The Quest for the vajra of shadows
June 2012
Released: 2012, Ahdistuksen Aihio Productions
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

"Immersed in ethereal atmosphere, Among the vanishing temples, Overcome the trance of sorrow, Alone in search for Vajra."

These are the opening words to this Dark primal album from Finnish Black Metal band Rahu, as succinct a way of explaining there sonic journey as I can think of. After two demos and a compilation album this is there first proper release, although guitarist and bass player Atvar has been busy with several other musical endeavours Circle of Ouroborus, Vordr, Prevalent Resistance among others.

On this release he teams up with Kobalt, who himself has played in many underground acts.

Having a smaller lineup works well with stripped back Black metal such as this, although the music is dark it is worth pointing out the beautiful artwork this release has and if things such as record shops still existed I am sure this alone would entice a few people to part with some cash for this.

Lyrically Vedic Astrology and Hindu Mythology are Rahu's M.O. In Hinduism, Rahu is a snake that swallows the sun/moon to cause an eclipse. Delving into occult ideology is what Rahu strive for and I feel they achieve this well, with tales of dream like quests and mythical beasts an H. P. Lovecraft sort of atmosphere is created.

Rahu's sound is rough black metal with some clever lead melodies and is pretty basic and repetitive not too dissimilar to Atvars main band Circle of Ouroborus' recent material. The songs have that real raspy demo feel that really suits this sort of Black metal, giving the album a murky Burzum-esque sound.blasting tempos and raspy vocals help to create an atmosphere similar to that of Scandinavian 90s style Black metal. Despite the roughness of sound though there is still enough clarity to pick out the seperate instruments. Songs are long and well paced giving the music time to breathe but nothing to extreme we are talking around the 8 minute mark on average, just about right.

With great musicianship, great vocals from Kobalt, intelligent, and thought provoking fantasy filled lyrics ‘The Quest for the Vajra of Shadows’ comes highly recommending for fans of all types of black metal. I can imagine this going down well with the fans of more traditional Black metal and those who prefer more modern experimental black metal.

Review by James Price
Track Listing

1) Ordeal of X
2) Samudra Manthan
3) Kalas Bleed For the Sun-Eater
4) The Serpent King
5) Sceptre of the Auspicious One


Atvar- Guitar,Bass
Kobalt - Vocals,drums



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