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Rosae Crucis
Fede Potere Vendetta - Overlord Edition
October 2010
Released: 2010, Jolly Roger Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Robert Williams

Rosae Crucis is a five-piece heavy metal band from Rome, Italy with three previous full length albums and a string of self released demo's to their credit. They have further made a name for themselves appearing on tribute albums for Cirith Ungol, Manilla Road and Manowar.

FEDE POTERE VENDETTA - OVERLORD EDITION is the English version of the "Fede Potere Vendetta" album released in 2009 that originally featured vocalist Giuseppe "Ciape" Cialone delivering his lyrics in the band's native Italian. "The Fall of The False" greets the listener with spoken word passages amidst grandiose melodic guitar leads. This song is essentially a four and a half minute intro track. The album's title track "Fede Potere Vendetta" begins in a splendor of whammy bar divebomb pyrotechnics. Vocalist Giuseppe "Ciape" Cialone actually sounds pretty adept at singing in English though his accent stands out at times. He even shows a bit of an Eric Adams influence in his delivery. There are plenty of tempo changes without sounding overtly progressive, I would describe the band's sound as more traditional and aggressive. "Anno Domini" is a modern metal take on the traditional metal gallop made popular by Iron Maiden. Lot's of bombast and a heavy bottom-end from the rhythm section lend this track plenty of punch. The Robert E. Howard influenced "Crom" opens with a dirgy clanging intro before shifting gears into textures more akin to standard Euro metal fanfare. Apparently several songs on this disc make up a trilogy dubbed "The Nemedian Chronicles" in reference to Howard's literary works on the fictional "Conan" character.

Chris Boltendahl of Grave Digger fame lends a guest vocal spot on the album's seventh track "Venarium" the final song to make up said trilogy, the end result is equal parts fire and brimstone and raging trad metal with blazing tandem lead work from Andrea "Kiraya" Magini and Tiziano "Shreadmaster" Marcozzi. "Bloodsteel" brings things to a close with an ass kicking speed metal romp, unless you count exclusive bonus track "Yes We Tank". Overall, I really enjoyed this record. Good sound quality, great musicianship and a cool cameo form Chris Boltendahl. This disc should really appeal to all fans of old school eighties influenced heavy metal.
Track Listing

1. The Fall of the False
2. Fede Potere Vendetta
3. Crusade
4. Anno Domini
5. The Nemedian Chronicles
6. Crom
7. Venarium
8. Blood-Steel
9. Yes We Tank


Giuseppe "Ciape" Cialone - Vocals
Andrea "Kiraya" Magini - Guitars
Tiziano "Shreadmaster" Marcozzi - Guitars
Daniele "KK" Cerqua - Bass
Piero "Bohemian Moloch" Arioni - Drums



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