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Seitsemän Surman Siunausliitto
December 2006
Released: 2006, Sakara Records
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Any fans of “Surmacore” here? That´s how Rytmihäiriö has wanted their music to be called since the days the band was formed in 1988 (with a quite different line-up though). On a sidenote it should be mentioned Rytmihäiriö (a Finnish word for arrhythmia) was the very first band to get signed to Spinefarm Records whose now pretty much cult debut album SURMAN SIIPIEN HAVINAA saw the light of a rainy, alcohol-steamy day back in 1991 already. The band´s mixture Crossover and Thrash added with lyrics about alcohol-related killings (especially done under the influence of Gambina; a very cheap Finnish alcohol that is highly popular amongst the Finnish bums) - told and sung by using a unique style of black humor, is a somewhat perfection combination for giving them credit as one of the most legendary underground forces of all times. And that´s what they actually are. If someone says something else, simply lies.

Rytmihäiriö´s 3rd full-length megaton blast of 12 new cuts in less than half an hour, is nothing but a highly energetic experience of some of the most frantic Thrash Metal and Hardcore elements in one tight package. Imagine Slayer getting fused into bands like D.R.I., Impaled Nazarene and Napalm Death, and there you have Rytmihäiriö sort of in a nutshell music-wise. Let me tell you that the band has managed to create a truly splendid package of absolutely catchy, brutal, vicious and neck-breaking ´Surmacore´ tunes that really pump up listener´s adrenalin flowin´ in the blood circulation system to the point in which one feels to kill someone. Axes, knifes, metal bars and fists for that purpose are offered in such songs as “Pakko Tappa Ihminen”, “Tehty Mikä Tehty” and “Viipyilevät Katseet” - and if those don´t help you taking a life away from someone, then by all means try also such ´killing anthems´ - possessed by the might Gambina, as “Totaalitääriseen Juoppohulluuteen”, “Seppo (Nimi Muutettu)” and “Pyörillä Kulkeva Kuoleman Enkeli (featuring Alexi Laiho for the leads and some vocal parts). Those should do it at least then.

Rytmihäiriö thrills, kills – and kills again (for booze), and in the other words, is just awesome! It´s really as simple as that. Now where the hell did I leave my bottle of Gambina...?!
Track Listing

01. Totalitääriseen Juoppohulluuteen
02. Pakko Tappaa Ihminen
03. Spurgugrammi
04. Seppo (Nimi Muutettu)
05. Pyörillä Kulkeva Kuoleman Enkeli
06. Seitsemän Surman Siunausliitto
07. Harvoin Ihmistä Tapetaan Näin Hartaissa Merkeissä
08. Kun Hätävarjelu Lakkaa
09. Tehty Mikä Tehty
10. Sarvet
11. Kohta Joku Kuolee
12. Viipyilevät Katseet


Unto "Une" Helo - Vocals
Janne Perttilä - Guitars
Antti "Ande" Kiiski - Bass
Otto Luotonen - Drums

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