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Rotten Sound
March 2011
Released: 2011, Relapse Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

Finland’s Rotten Sound are back with a new disc, CURSED. And guess what? It kills. Surprised? You shouldn’t be, because Rotten Sound have been one of the most consistently reliable grind outfits in the scene for years. Really, I could use this review space to write my grocery list, because I shouldn’t have to sell you on why this album absolutely nails it.

CURSED features sixteen tracks, each with a single word as a title – I don’t know if that was an intentional theme of the album, but it seems to echo the punctuated intensity that each song delivers. The band has never really changed their formula from album to album; they’ve just refined that formula with each release. As such, CURSED is the band’s most lethal album to date. Combining the aggressive, euro-grind tendencies of CYCLES and EXIT with the urgency and intensity of last year’s NAPALM EP, CURSED is arguably the best representation yet of what Rotten Sound is all about.

The songs range anywhere from 50 seconds to under 3-minutes, and the band maintains a level of variety within the abbreviated run times. Tracks like the opener “Alone”, “Green”, and “Plan” hit like a chainsaw to the face, while others like “Hollow”, “Terrified” and “Doomed” have some more flesh and are reminiscent of death metal’s glory days. From start to finish, the album run time is less than your average TV sitcom, which is perfect. There’s no room for filler and the structure and pace of the album should be the blueprint for all Grindcore bands to follow. Seriously, it’s that good.

CURSED is Rotten Sound’s first full length for Relapse Records (preceded by the aforementioned NAPALM EP), so I’m optimistic that the Relapse PR machine will finally introduce this amazing band to the audience they deserve. Already one of my favorite releases of 2011 so far, Rotten Sound have again proven why they’re one of the best extreme outfits in the underground today. Buy this now. Please.
Track Listing

1. Alone
2. Superior
3. Self
4. Choose
5. Hollow
6. Ritual
7. Green
8. Machinery
9. Power
10. Plan
11. Declare
12. Addict
13. Exploit
14. Terrified
15. Scared
16. Doomed


Keijo Niinimaa - Vocals
Mika Aalto - Guitar
Sami Latva - Drums
Kristian Toivainen - Bass

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