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Romuvan Dainas
September 2014
Released: 2014, Independent
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

One-man band Romuvos, the brainchild of one Velnias, apparently works quickly. While I’m sure much work went into the song writing beforehand, the Lithuanian only officially formed the band in 2014 and has already unleashed his debut album. Beyond that, not much is known of this mysterious entity, so let’s skip the lengthy formalities and get right to the music.

Simply put, ROMUVAN DAINAS is a striking folk metal album. Most resembling Bathory’s epic work, Romuvos takes the slow, melodic route through folk metal – come into this expecting speedy, bouncy songs and you will be disappointed. Take a deeper listen to these dirges though, and you will be rewarded with an album that builds a powerful atmosphere through slow chords and chanted vocals that never descends into death or black metal influences. No, this is music that is pure of purpose, relying entirely on soft acoustics to complement and enhance the electric guitar, ponderous drums and bass, and Velnias’ lyrical tales of mysticism and Vikings.

As good as it sounds, Romuvos are still treading hallowed ground that has been ploughed many times over and as the album progresses, a sense of “sameness” starts to pervade the music. That being said, I cannot fault the construction and detail that’s obviously been put into this album. It has a stately power all its own and is well worth hearing for folk metal fans looking for something a bit different.
Track Listing

1. Under the Glaciers of Baltijos
2. Beyond the Gates of Ouroboros
3. Thy Glory and Might Thus We Shall Stand
4. Poems for the Dead
5. Sailing Far Away from the Shores of Men
6. Inside the Lake
7. Egle – Queen of the Serpents
8. Romuvan Dainas


Velnias: All instruments and vocals



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