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June 2003
Released: 2003, Xtreem Music
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The best well-kept secret (!) of Russian Black-Thrash Metal, Rossomahaar has unleashed their 2nd full-length album through a Spanish label Xtreem Music and I´m pretty surprised how good they sound In their info sheet, their music is said to have a connection to Dimmu Borgir´s PURITANICAL EUPHORIC MISANTHROPIA in terms of perfection both in production and execution as well as influences from some early works of Greece’s Rotting Christ. Well, I partly agree with those two obvious band comparisons, but still would like to claim that Rossomahaar has also managed to stay away from a plain copycatting of those two bands in question and been able to create a sound that has their own trademark sound in it with some occasional folkish parts here and there that somehow reminded me a bit of Skyclad. There are also a notable amount of Thrash riffs present in their blackened-Thrash approach. I can say that I enjoyed playing the album two or three times in a row without even skipping songs on the disc.

To give you a better picture of the 9 songs on QUAERITE..., think of Dimmu Borgir´s more symphonic ´Black Metal´ assaults on their latest albums; strip away about 50% of all those symphonically structured, atmospheric parts they have there and replace them with a more folk-ish Thrash–orientated approach and you pretty much have the Russian blacksters Rossomahaar. I happen to like their stuff quite a lot. The guys surely know their metal; how to play it to convince a bunch of us about their skills to create passionate and hectically ravishing ´metal´, so all this info brought to you exclusively in a tiny nutshell by a weird bastard, also known under a nickname ´Luxi´, should help you to make your decision whether Rossomahaar is worth any of your attention ´coz I´m not going to say more...
Track Listing

01. Me, the Misanthrope
02. The Moon, The Sun, The Stars
03. Quaerite Lux in Tenebris (Exploring the External Worlds)
04. Praising the Departure of Spiritual Strenght
05. Beneath the Fading Eclipse
06. Sacred War
07. Crescent Moon (The Final Celebration)
08. Those Spectres Within (Eternal Is Nothingness I´ve Emerged from)
09. Transenflamed Visions of Your Mortal End


Lazar – Vocals, guitars & keyboards
Kniaz – Bass
Yanarrdakh – Drums
Herr Stalhammar – Lyrics & concept

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