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Front The Final Foes
December 2009
Released: 2009, Debemur-Morti
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Alan Gilkeson

The Australian Metal scene has always been an enigma unto itself, seemingly stuck in a far away corner of the world where few Metal bands ever cross the borders to Europe or North America. However, there is a lot of great music going on down under. Unfortunately, few of us get to hear it. Thus we have Ruins, a sort of old school Black Metal band, almost a modern Celtic Frost, plodding along at a slow to mid pace, with classic Tom G. Warrior styled vocals.

On FRONT THE FINAL FOES a bloke named Alex handles the vocals, guitars, and bass, while Dave beats the drums. Most spectacular are the number of killer riffs, simple yet ripping samples of power and atmosphere. The opener 'Breath of Void' has such a staggering riff and vocals, grinding like an artillery attack, really groovy and magnetic. Even groovier is the second tune in, 'The Sum of Your Loss'. In fact, it is the constant grooves on this record which make it so appealing.

To be honest, the idea of Australian Black Metal seems a bit saccharine, as does most North American Black Metal. It's such a European genre. Still, here and there a band outside the realms of that bleak and dreary continent maneuver through the Black Metal genus successfully, and in this case, adding a bit of groovy bent note flair. A pleasant surprise.
Track Listing

1. Breath Of Void
2. The Sum Of Your Loss
3. Cult Rapture
4. Annihilate
5. Front The Final Foes
6. Hallways Of The Always
7. Keeping This Crown
8. With These Winged Words


Alex - Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Dave – Drums


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