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The First Shot
February 2014
Released: 2013, Independent
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

This would seem to be the first offering by the Polish four piece, who have been around since the summer of 2012. Their claim is that they play music straight from the swamps of Louisiana & the Californian Dessert, though it would seem they last visited in about 1981.

Dirty, dirgy riffs emerge triumphant, fast paced and with a solid grove that shouts NWOBHM more than Louisiana. Gravely vocals that stamp their way through the beat, refusing to play second fiddle to the guitar. The Guitar is good, it drops slow & dark then races ahead, crossing from Sabbath to Maiden and back again. Its classic rock, with no pretence that they are breaking new ground.

I did find the tracks over-long, they became repetitive and I lost interest before the end, which was a shame, had they edited to radio friendly lengths, they might have had a lot more punch & drama. What works live as a 7 minute song, does not necessary translate well to CD and I think they suffer here from that. There is no doubt that the band have skill, and I am convinced they would be a great live band, they have plenty of energy but maybe they needed a little more direction in the studio.

The best track is Dexter, but I cannot get excited by this EP, there is nothing I haven’t heard before and while I am sure many will enjoy its classic, retro sound, especially the younger generation, for me it was like releasing the draft version before they edited and refined it and thus this has not won me over to Rockaine’s brand of ‘Mayhem‘.

Review by Lisa Nash
Track Listing

1. Humanity
2. Born To Ride
3. Dexter
4. Two Faced


Szymon 'Saimon' Szydlowski - bass Janusz 'YAHOO!' Kurzawa - drums Mateusz 'Czacza' Czarcinski - guitar Lukasz 'Nox'

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