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November 2005
Released: 2005, Necroharmonic
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Rottrevore... a 4-piece band hailing from Pittsburg, USA, made themselves known by a raw and low-tuned Death Metal during the late ´80s - all the way up to the early ´90s by releasing a demo (THE EPITOME OF PANTALGIA in 1990), a couple of 7-inch EPs (COPULATION OF THE VIRTUOUS AND VICIOUS on Relapse´s so-called "Single Series" in 1991 and FORCINATION IN DELIRIUM on the Dutch Cenotaph Records in 1992), a few songs for some compilations and sort of a last crown of their career, one full-lenght album was recorded for the Spanish Drowned Productions in 1993, titled INIQUITOUS (which seems to such a hard item to find nowadays; even from eBay!). The band gained lots of status as one of the heaviest and most brutal underground Death Metal bands back in the day and they indeed enjoyed a pretty large following through all those years when they existed.

However, Rottrevore neither appealed me that much nor I liked them that much for some strange reason the way like I honored so many other underground Death Metal acts at that time; now I´m referring with this to such bands as Pyrexia, Suffocation, Funebre, Carnage, Nihilist/Entombed, Necrovore, Gorguts, etc. For me Rottrevore was basically a bit too "noisy Death Metal act (just like a band like Mortician has always been)" that never caused any THAT big reactions in me after all. They were probably just a bit too monotous, cold and kind of a teensy-weensy uninspirational band for me music-wise that never got my blood boiling in a sheer excitement or anything alike. Just never... :=/

Anyway, for the true fans of the band Necroharmonic Productions has done quite a remarable cultural thing by putting together all their rare demo/EP/compilation songs and releasing them all in one CD. So if you feel you have missed something from Rottrevore for all these years, then here´s your chance to make an investment for.
Track Listing

01. Intimidation
02. Dismal Hate
03. Spawn of Ignorance
04. Actions for Loss
05. Disembodied
06. Unbeknownst
07. Crude Domination
08. Ceased by Failure
09. Intimidation
10. Unanimous Approval
11. Conspiracized
12. Clogged Sewer Pipe
13. Disembodied


Mark Mastro - Vocals & guitar
Chris Weber - Vocals & guitar
Chris Free - Bass
Nick Esquivel - Drums

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