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Rotten Sound
July 2002
Released: 2002, Necropolis Records / Deathvomit Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Another band from my neighbour Finland. Rotten Sound plays extreme grindcore and the music is very fast—like a steam-engine at 180 km/hour straight through the record. "G" does growling lead vocals and it is impossible to hear what he is singing. "K" on drums plays like a lunatic through the whole record, and I can’t understand how he does this. "Q" on guitar and "H" on bass just keep the beat.

Rotten Sound is a new acquaintance. I have never heard them before even though they have played since 1994. According to the discography, the band released their first 7" EP, SICK BASTARD, in 1994.

14 songs of real brutal grindcore and I like it! As an extra bonus, this album has 3 live songs (CDR video tracks for the computer) and those tracks are "Targets," "Seeds" and "Strongman." I am especially fond of bonus tracks and videos for the computer.

Finland is producing more and more hardrock/metal/grind and gothic metal. Finland competes with Sweden and they are coming on strong. It will be quite a while, though, before they reach the status of my country Sweden.

The band is hard, fast, in your face, heavy and brutal. 30 minutes of real grindcore and I enjoy it like heaven!

More info about the band can be found at:
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