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Rotten Sound
Murderlive (DVD)
August 2004
Released: 2004, Spinefarm Records
Rating: 4.3/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

If you have ever witnessed Finland´s 1st class grind terrorists Rotten Sound live – and even survived after seeing a full hour of their mercilessly blasting show without feeling at least a bit dizzy, or feeling devastated, then you are my friend. I know many of you unfortunately haven´t had an opportunity to see them live yet, but worry not because they have a DVD out now through Spinefarm Records, a very well and damn fitting name baptized as MURDERLIVE. Because that´s what this DVD is all about and it speaks for the great volumes how fuckin´ energetic Rotten Sound really are onstage. They belong more to the stage than to a record. They indeed do ´murder´ way better in a live situation than on their albums. I just wish all of you could even once have a real opportunity to see them live because when Rotten Sound enters on a stage, normally the whole stage turns to a chaotic killing field, as you understood, metaphorically speaking, of course! Those few poor bastards who have enough guts to come right into the very heart of an all-around moving moshing pit in front of the stage, will not return home the same as when they arrived.

As for the content of this highly enjoyable and at times even quite hilarious DVD, it contains live footage that has been taken from some of those tours, single-off festival gigs from 2002 and 2003 in a few well-selected countries in Europe – including such countries as France, Germany, Chech Republic and even quite surprisingly, Finland (ha!). As I mentioned earlier, the band´s live appearance is easily one of the most intense, brutal, and craziest I have ever been lucky to witness in my life! There´s simply NO dead moments, whatsoever on the band´s live gigs; it´s always a full-ride, heavily blasting aural assault from the moment they go on the stage and start their non-stop warfare there just to make sure their devoted audience gets fully pleased. Also, this somewhat grotesque-looking foursome´s ´mad butcher´look adds nicely its own special effect and indelible spice into Rotten Sound´s show. However, I think they could survive without those looks, too, simply because of one stone-hacked fact that Rotten Sound furious storm and all devastating grind-assault is in itself such a positively exhausting experience to go through, leaving you in a state of feeling numb and somewhat breathless.

On MURDERLIVE the guys have been wise to cover songs from all of their significant albums, from UNDER PRESSURE (“Controlled Mind” and “Corporate Fuck”) up to their latest album MURDERWORKS (“Targets”, “Void”, “Revenge”, etc.), so it´s definitely a very good selection of some of the most known Rotten Sound songs in this well planned and thought-out DVD in my opinion. Also, in addition to the live stuff, there´s also some very hilarious and crazy, ´extra shit´ being included between the live songs, too; like many passing out scenes, puking scenes, shitting scenes, ´getting – naked – in – the – dark – and – burning – underwear – in – a – campfire – somewhere – in – the – middle – of - nowhere´ –scenes and some other crazy shit there as well. All are indeed very funny to watch. Eh, I assume puking on the floor and pissing in your pants during the night isn´t necessarily meant for every newbie in the Metal scene, whatever assumptions or signals this statement may arouse in your head. Uh, let´s move on now, shall we... But not a slightest doubt, it´s already more than evident that these wacko Finns know how to make themselves look entertaining, ha-ha!

One of the coolest things on the DVD in my opinion, was also footages that contained 5 drum solos of the band´s machine-like skinpounder by his short artist name ´K (a.k.a. Kai Hahto by his real name -> check:´ - all of his drum ´solos´ being shot in 5 different cities and basically even from 5 different camera angles. It´s actually no wonder at all why they have decided to include Kai´s drum solos particularly for this DVD as that dude honestly MUST be one of the most technical, most skilled and fastest drummers in the whole world right now. I was damn amazed by watching his technique behind his relatively massive drum kit, many times thinking while watching him pounding drumheads with his sticks in such an incredible speed and technique that now even I could truly claim to understand some of these people who wanna put him into the very same league with such drum Godz as Pete Sandoval, Gene Hoglan, Dave Lombardo, etc. etc. No doubts, he rightfully belongs to the top 10 list of Metal drummers of all-time, and no one should deny that fact any longer. Just no one...

Kind of as an off-topic, I don´t know if some of you have also had perceptive eyes, but in my opinion the band´s infamous growler ´G´ looks deceptively like Mika Luttinen from Impaled Nazarene when he´s in full action in a live situation. Or maybe it´s only me who has something wrong in my eyes?! Uh, whatever...

There´s nearly 70-minutes material on MURDERLIVE and I swear this DVD in question was one of the most entertaining DVDs I have ever spent time with thus far. If you happen to be a Rotten Sound –fan, there´s simply no way you could miss this. But in that case you don´t consider yourself as a fan of them for some reason or the other, well, even in that case you don´t know what your DVD –collection is missing...
Track Listing

01. Vacuumworks
02. Seeds
03. Doom
04. Gynther
05. Void
06. Revenge
07. Lies
08. Strongman
09. Alco-Zombie
10. IQ
11. Drain
12. Q on tour
13. Suffer 2.0
14. Obey
15. Perfection
16. Controlled Mind
17. G on tour
18. Insane
19. Chainsaw Is God
20. Targets
21. K on tour
22. Corporate Fuck
23. Disinterest
24. Stages
25. T on tour
26. Walking Corpse
27. Reek of Putrefaction
28. Burning Underwear

Bonus tracks
29. Targets (promo)
30. Obey (K close-up)
31. Obey (K close-up)
32. Doom (K close-up)
33. Perfection (K close-up)
34. Drum solos


Q – Guitar
G – Vocals
K – Drums
H - Bass

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